Just show me your coolest boards not expensive just unique

Let’s see your coolest boards for example some crazy IBM custom or cool resin keycaps you made just anything you find interesting.


This is the coolest ‘board’ I have. It has the most unique features in my collection.


I don’t know what I’m looking at but I know it’s awesome why is it so different are there advantages to the shift and tab and caps keys.

I got the switches working on a modern keyboard build since they are essentially just ‘recoloured’ SKCC switches with minor differences (yes, recolouring isn’t a new concept). Here’s a cursed picture.

But no, there are zero advantages to this layout…it’s just weird to me lol

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I completely failed with the spacing on this one, and it turned out the layout is not that usable…


Not exactly unique - but probably the most interesting board in my collection is an old “breadbin” Commodore 64 that’s been converted into a functional USB keeb.


I have a Rackmount MiniVan - a low profile tray mount Minivan case with a handle. Probably my most unique one for now, until I get my hands on @Dr.Doof 's PooPooPeePee Keyboard Carnival Round 3 in about a month or so!


Speaking of poo poo, this is probably my favorite board right now, my hhkb poo poo pee pee 3d printed by a friend, very bouncy, accoustically decent, and I love that color!


based on some prop keyboard, I built this for meme purpose :laughing:


I’m quite proud of this Reuters, however, I wouldn’t use something like this as a daily driver.
More details: https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/kjgolm/reuters_programmable_keyboard/
(P.S.: I was very lucky with this one and managed to get it for a few bucks only which added to my excitement.)


Here’s a unique build I did that was fairly cheap but I ended up loving in the end. It was a G81-1000, but I put a G80-3000 repo PCB in it & painted the case grey. Used hyperglide Reds with 55g prog spring in them for the switches.


This is my favorite thing now, so much fun.

Gotta be my mercutio with gateron gold caps and durock v2 stabs.


Love Metropolis on this!

I think thats metropol-ish :laughing:


:rofl: whoops!

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Lol yeah … that’s why I didn’t highlight the keycaps in the description should’ve responded when someone did, though in my defense I am waiting for metro r2. The keycaps are that hk brand, but I had bought em before knowing the story of the company and wasn’t about to just throw them out. Might be a bit heretical but I def am enjoying the feel of pbt at least compared to a set of gmk nines that I’ve thoroughly shined.


Is this a custom case or did you get it cnc’d? id love to get my hands on one and what are the caps?

Old post about it: What is on your desk today? - #2170 by Tom_Kazansky

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My wireless integrated QAZ, definitely my most coveted board. One day I’m gonna make the Apple Standard QAZ a reality.