K.C. ("Kacey") Keyboard Controller

Hi all.
I present here my firmware code: K.C. aka “Kacey” short from Keyboard Controller.
More info (about its features, motivation, uses etc.) on my website.
Also in gallery with pictures, and few videos (without comments though).

Key feature is the ability to edit any key mappings, layers, sequences/macros on display. Layout is also drawn on it. Plus it has few demos and a game :rofl:

It works on a Teensy 3.1 or 3.2 board with a ST7735 display (160x128, 16bit color, 1.8" LCD).
Code is on github, with some info on used libraries and connections.
Should probably work with any matrix keyboard. NKRO is NOT implemented though, anti-ghosting is. Because I use it on regular ghosting matrix keyboards with foils (i.e. not mechanical).


Very impressive; I love that you have even included tetris! :heart_eyes:
It would be great to see this built into an aluminium keyboard case and possibly use OLED instead of LCD.

I like that you can remap without reflashing, that’s a pretty nifty feature.

Yeah OLED of this size and resolution would be great. If not much more expensive.

@Gouty, from other topic.
I think my controller should work with mechanical keyboards too. One should disable my code for anti ghosting. The only possible issue is that I don’t have NKRO implemented.
I simply send changed key to USB when matrix changes (after debounce and anti-ghost code). I scan keys matrix at 960 Hz (and whenever key state changes I send it already, during scan).
I simply assumed that nobody will press 1000 keys a second. Or just so many that it would get stuck or something. I never had any issue so far. Not sure if it would change with mechanical keyboards, theoretically one could press a lot more keys at once. For ghosting matrix it’s difficult to hold more than 8 (even 3 can ghost already).