Kayak - A 65% DIY Keyboard


Kayak - A laser cut, sandwich cased, 65% keyboard.


I joined a private group buy for the Canoe keyboard in September 2017, 6 months later I still had no keyboard nor a ship date in sight. Out of frustration I created my own “knock off” version, Kayak, born as a joke that transformed into reality. I contacted Josh (u/thebeephaha) to help me through the first two revisions.

The CAD files have been revised & prepared to offer them to anyone who might want to make their own Kayak! They are available as .dxf and .svg so you can get the keyboard case made by your choice of laser cutters. (Though, I highly recommend using TheBeepHaha, he’s great!)

Click this button to be taken to my website where you can donate to download the files:



  • v1 - Had a few dimensions wrong and files are not available.
  • v2 - As depicted in the photos in this post.
    • The angled feet have been altered to be wider to allow for bumpons to be installed on the feet rather than on the board.
  • v3 - Adjusted design to look more like the Canoe with a smaller top bezel and smoother curves
    • Have not tested this file yet.


  • PCB: Designed around a TADA68 PCB. These are readily available for $35 on KBDFans.cn
  • Layout Options: Stepped Caps lock, split backspace, and optional ISO plate for v3
  • Lighting: In switch LEDs and white underglow on edges.
  • Case: Laser cut sandwich keyboard

Additional Information

  • Hex Hed Bolts - M2.5 x 25mm : eBay
  • Counter Sunk Bolts - M2.5 x 25mm : eBay
  • Nuts - M2.5 x 0.4mm : eBay
  • Bumpons - For supporting the gap between pcb and switch plate : eBay

More cell phone quality photos I took along the way:

Original “render”:


Don’t like wood? Colors might look good:


I enjoy this so much it’s not even funny


That’s a really nice looking build


Everything about this is perfect.


And here I was… contemplating on whether or not I should hunt for this board on mechmarket, and here comes Koduh and thebeephaha for the clutch.




super awesome! any idea on approximate pricing for this bad boy if we go through thebeephaha ?


This is actually fantastic. I love seeing things like this being fairly open and so well made.


Isn’t the the usb port of the pcb too much recessed into the case?


You’re probably looking at well under $100 for the case. I’d probably guess something ballpark of $60 depending on materials. He’s local to me though, so I usually end up paying for materials and beer :joy:


Wow great price! if we aren’t local, any idea if we go through a site like sculpteo or something?


I’m not sure what all he has set up. I would probably initially just message him on Reddit tbh. He tends to he fairly active there. In the meantime, I’ll send him a link to this thread, maybe he’ll make an account.


It’s finally in the open! Too cool. I was hoping this would spur someone on to make a canoe PCB replacement though :frowning: I’m still not a fan of the rotated switches. But still, this is a very cool project. I’m sure you could make some cashola if you decided to run this as a GB some day


Oh I bet! If it weren’t for the awkwardly low amount of cash in my bank account I’d consider. But horror stories like the Espectro group buy keep me super cautious. :sweat_smile:


I’ve already spoken to you on Discord about this, and donated and downloaded but, just wanted to say great job again.


@koduh Glad that you post this up! I really enjoyed being able to work on the prototype with you!


Looks nice!


From the photos on KBDfans, doesn’t look like it does split backspace? Looks more like it has the option of moving a 2u backspace over (so either 2u-1u or 1u-2u) …


very cool! always fun following your projects :smiley:


You know what… this is the first that point has dawned on me. This whole time I have been under the assumption the TADA had that option. Huh. Thanks for pointing it out!