KBD67 Lite on sale

Hmmm. Having a hard time resisting this little keeb right here. I’ve been looking for a hot-swap 65% daily driver for a while now, and this just might fit the bill perfectly.

I had a Durgod Hades 68 that I’d been modifying, but the combination of needing to fix a few mistakes I made with Milmax sockets and finding out about HKGaming’s… er… character… Well. I lost my taste for that project. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d considered an NK65 more than once and would still be happy to go for one - but I don’t really enjoy competitive shopping, which is still kind of a thing with plenty of keebs. Besides - this one has screw-in stabs; probably my one and only complaint about the NK itself.

I’d all but settled on a DZ65 with basic plastic case and polycarb plate, but those little dudes have been sold out each time I’ve checked for many months now. With the current sale, though, this KBD67 Lite costs about the same - and I’m coming around to the blocker aesthetic.

Now for the hard part… am I getting a black one or a white one?


oh god. thats a really good deal… i might…have to as well


Just dropped in on the Vega, so my bank account is hurting right now. That being said, my daily is a KBD67v2 mkii (I guess the big brother) and it’s fantastic!


MechMerlin unboxing. Very nice, worth the price for sure.


Mine shipped yesterday - pretty stoked.


Got here today and I’m really impressed. I’m working on a detailed review, but suffice to say for the moment that this is a very competitive entry-level custom. I think the NK65EE has more striking presence on a desk (even if you don’t get a loud color) - but when it comes to typing feel, the KBD67L is something special, especially for its price-point.

On that note; while I got mine directly from KBDFans for $109 + lots of shipping, you can now get these from MechanicalKeyboards.com right here in Tennessee!

The base price is a bit more, but factoring in over-seas shipping and time, it really evens-out.

I’ll take this chance to say that it looks like MechanicalKeyboards have stocked up on lots of community favorites they’d been previously falling behind on, like boutique switches, cases, and kits like these. Nice!


KBDFans is doing a round 2 - and this time there are more colors, some 67-key keysets, and the option to trade RGB for bluetooth.


Seems super solid, love that new blue color too. Ideally trying all of the entry plastic keyboards that have been coming around would be a fun task, but it’s a bit hard to let anything go. Might pick one of these up for that bloo and the blootooth, very nice edition to the board that would make it nifty to bring to and from work.

Compared to the nk65 does it feel a bit softer on the bottom out? Not really too concerned about the sound, just want those good vibes.

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No joke, the KBD67L is my favorite keyboard that I currently own. It doesn’t have the aesthetic presence that the NK56 has, but that typing feel.

To answer your question - yes, definitely. The soft polycarb plate and silicone mounting give the typing an even, nuanced feel.

The NK is basically tray mount with extra steps - combine that with a stiff metal plate and you’ve got a comparatively stiff, if solid typing feel.


Got one! Went with the wired PCB since I love that VIA support.

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I might just have to…sounds like a great keyboard and so cheap. Thanks for the headsup

2-3 of my friends may be buying this, seems like a really solid kit at it’s price!

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~ Checks omnitype for bauer lite updates ~


I asked around earlier, and it seems as if the KBD67 lite may be good for tactiles. The plate gives a softer bottom-out, and the case is said to enhance the sound.

I was going to use my KBD67 Lite for silent tactiles once build, but now I am looking to the IKKI68 Aurora for my silent keyboard.

KBD67 Lite will probably be used for Ergo Clears and XDA-profile caps, for starters.


Yea…I’m leaning on joining for at least 1 of these. The bluetooth version is enticing. Being nice for tactiles is a plus as I’m currently on the Gazzew hypetrain right now for their U4T and U4 Bobas…


Yeah. The exact information I received is that the KBD67 Lite feels good to type on, and it has a good sound. But it is not quiet, not believed to be suited for quiet builds. [I will try this anyway].

U4T should sound and feel pretty good on the KBD67 Lite, not sure about the U4 although that is something I could certainly try. [Planning to try them on hotswap Aurora with alum plate.]


I’d concur that it’s a more ideal platform for clacky tactiles or linears than silents. I use Ink 'Roos on mine and l love it.

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I’m glad they provided these buttery specs…

Instructions unclear - just ate lithium polymer toast.


Oh man that is an epic typo.

Group Buy for R2: March 10th-April 10th, 2021
Expected shipping date: May 30th, 2021



I ultimately decided to pass on this GB even though I was super interested. Have Rama Kara coming in, and…decided to keep the wallet closed on this one.

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