KBDfans HiPro EC Keycaps (Topre)

KBD HiPro Topre Caps

I have been waiting to see these Topre high profile caps come to fruition for quite a while now. Currently an IC is underway, and you can sign up to be notified when the actual buy drops. It appears the GB will run April 1 to April 20.

Reference to the GMK L9 color card.



Been waiting for these for a while, so excited.

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I wonder how the quality will turn out…


and of course, right around the time Deskeys Sliders are supposed to be happening :sweat_smile:

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Well, I’ll probably end up giving these a go. If the quality turns out well, then they will look nice on my K2 Heavy-9.

EDIT: The more I look at them the more they look like big marshmallows. I don’t know if I love that, lol. Still gonna try them.

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Can’t tell from renders whether the home row keys (SDF-JKL) are scooped like original Hi-Pro.

Hope they make MX version if it turns out good.

Looks like it’s potentially missing an R4 Esc in the shown base set (for HHKB compatibility), but I think they have it shown in the HHKB renders, so hopefully just an oversight. I know this is one of the biggest annoyances of cobbling together a HHKB set from the various available Realforce HiPro sets.

Guessing they are not since there’s an F and J specifically called out as “concave” in the newest base set diagram. They do seem to be taking input in the comments section so maybe someone will talk them into that.

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Not having even an option for all scooped homing row on MT3 was disappointing for me… Kinda disappointing reveal given it’s been in the works since before Nov '19.


Some slightly good news: MT3 e2048 offers a kit for all-scooped homing row

Yeah, I think it’s impossible to find an appropriately legended hi-pro Esc for HHKB, right? That and the |\ key, I don’t even have any keys left with the appropriate row, unfortunately, to fake it.


Have to admit, I don’t have the highest hopes for these. But we’ll see! Thanks for sharing.


As much as I am weary of this, I am excited to try it - I haven’t used Hi Pro caps before, and this seems like a much cheaper/easier to find solution that genuine hi pro caps. Plus as @mwb mentioned - these actually have HHKB support

Let’s hope they don’t break when you look at them incorrectly.


Another interesting thing about these is the profile diagram that KDB posted:

Someone mentioned that these look more like MT3 than HiPro and I believe they’re correct. Topre Hi-pro’s have a flat R3 (and a flat, low R0 – if you will). These appear to have a slanted R3 and they are using R1 for the bottom row rather than the flat, short R0. Not commenting on better or worse, just saying that, if the diagram they posted is accurate these are not a carbon copy of Topre’s hi-pro profile.

What led me to this was actually looking at MelGeek’s MG profile which is meant to mimic hi-pro. I was wondering if there was possibly some crossover with the manu of the two different profiles (different stem, I understand that) but when I looked at them side by side they were definitely different.


Looking kinda gappy. I’m gonna guess these are the same maker and process as the Cherry profile EC caps. They can’t seem to solve the problem of shrinkage


Holy FUCK! I’ve been waiting for this for so long! Never ordered anything so quick.

Phew! I came so close so many times to blowing $600+ on a hipro keyboard just for the caps. But I kept telling myself no man, one day diesel come out on KBD fans and I was wasted money. Payoff time!

Wow. Now that these are out I wonder if prices will come down on Hipro boards and caps. This is doubly exciting because inevitably they will release different colorways.

Yeehaw! Times are good!
Who wants to get drunk?

P.S. I don’t actually drink.

Holy shit


Hipro? More like fauxpro…

Not actually the same as topre hipro


aw man, really? Oof, guess Deskeys sliders are just around the corner anyways :sweat_smile:

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That’s a bummer to hear. I’m just getting into the topre game now and need experienced people like you to learn from LOL

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