KeebTalk D&D 5e Group

D&D anyone?

I’m willing to DM if we have people willing to play online.

Chat would be handled via voicechat through discord.
A virtual tabletop would be handled through Roll20 which I’ve used quite a bit in the past.

A brief on Roll20

  • virtual tabletop
  • tracks character sheets
  • searchable players handbook
  • handles rolls, checks, and basically everything to allow you to play without needing a pen and paper (aside from personal notes).

Considering either doing an ongoing campaign or possibly the occasional one-off adventure depending on what people feel like.

If you’re new to tabletop roleplaying, you are also welcome to join as well! I’ve been DMing for the good part of a decade and am always willing to take on a mix of new players, returning players, and veteran players.

If anyone is interested, feel free to post below :slight_smile:

Link to Discord Server


Lol I’ve played a lot of 5e but don’t have a group right now, I’d do it.

A one shot is a good way to gauge players and get started before committing to a full campaign.

I’ve never played D&D but I’d like to give it a try. Not sure how good I’d be at role playing but it sounds like a lot of fun.

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I’ve never played before, but I am really interested in trying!

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5e is super streamlined and not too hard to pick up, I played an online game before did IRL ones, and I def picked most of it up, although there were some intricacies that were much easier picked up over a few years of in person. Roll20 is pretty effective in my experience.

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I’m interested. What are the prerequisites as a player?

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The players handbook is a good place to start, it has pretty much everything you need as a player. It can be had digitally or found on the high seas, but I really do find the physical book to be helpful, and it was doubly so when I was getting started as I could put post-its on relevant pages. There are several other books that have extended options and class expansions, but you can make a solid character just from the PHB, and it covers pretty much all the rules you need.

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There are tons of youtube videos too if that’s something that interests you, although I’m not really a good person to point you to any.

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Cool. I’ll do some research then. ;-p

There’s tons to read about online too, I just don’t know any good resources off the top of my head. I never played any of the previous editions, but from what I understand there was a lot of streamlining for 5 to make it easier to learn, which I would totally believe, the learning curve isn’t bad at all, which I think is part of the surge in popularity the last few years.

And I’ve played a lot of the freaking SECOND edition, when it was still called AD&D. God, I’m old. :laughing:


Damn you’re an OG

Hey everyone! I made a discord server where this will all be taking place. Whether you are interested in joining to play, curious about playing, or simply want to spectate, feel free to join!

Link to Discord Server

@dwarflemur @donpark@@abahrain @Laughmaster

Edit: Don’t use this one. Use the one in the first post.



An open mind, a willingness to learn, a steady internet connection, and voice chat capabilities :smiley:


Try the new invite link. should hopefully fix issues

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It looks like the link in the OP works now

Will have to keep this in mind, if the either of the games, that my fiancée and I are in, come to an end.

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Sorry, I’m going to have to take the next train. Too busy with my project. Oy.

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I’d love to but am based in europe so scheduling would be hard. :broken_heart:
I’ll join the discord anyway cause interested.