KeebTalk logo contest — win community glory, and a GMK Camping set


If you do, you might want to hurry; we’re considering closing this early since there hasn’t been any submissions in over a week :eyes:

Once we close this (most likely in a few hours if no new submissions come through); the board members and myself will pick the finalist and put those finalist to a community vote.


Anticipation is real. Good luck to all!


Fair enough. I guess I won’t be too greedy then.


We will be closing this in an hour since there haven’t been any new submissions in the last week.

The board and I will decide on the finalist and post a poll on a new post that will be the official voting poll for our new logo :slight_smile:
Best of luck to all of the entrants.


We’re happy to announce that a design has been chosen by community polling and has now been adopted as the official KeebTalk logo, one of the several created by @biip . Congratulations and thanks to him and all the others who submitted so many amazing designs.


Congrats and thanks everyone who participated!

Am personally liking the new aesthetics :slight_smile:


Logo is already live! Looks great and great job to everyone who participated


Congratulations! It looked great in dark mode too !


Glad you guys like it! I really appreciate :slight_smile:
Thanks to Keebtalk for having organized such a nice contest!


I’m still seeing the placeholder Discourse logo on apple devices – looks like the apple-touch-icon needs to be updated (apologies if it’s already on the todo list!)


ok. I set it to use the favicon