Keebtalk Thanksgiving - What are you thankful for?

What are y’all thankful for?

I’m thankful that the NorCal meetup this year went surprisingly well despite the fact it is the first time I’ve charged an entrance fee to the event.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to produce a decent amount of content this year and for the most part it has been decently received.

I’m thankful for all of my GBs that shipped on time this year; shoutout to the GB runners who go above and beyond.

I’m thankful for my keyboards that have turned out well in terms of feel and looks :heart_eyes:. I’ve definitely obtained some “endgame” boards this year.

I’m thankful for all of my wonderful friends in this community; both those who have been my friends for some time and the new friends I’ve met along the way this year.

I’m thankful for Keebtalk continually growing and having such an insightful and positive community where we can learn and share our knowledge.

:heart: Keebtalk


I’m thankful I’ve found a place free of edgelords and elitists, somewhere I can talk about my hobby without having to deal with some huge downside.

Oh, and of course, my girlfriend. That’s way more important. And my cat too.


free of edgelords and eletists

Slow down there, cowboy.

I’m thankful for Shinzo and all the efforts he’s gone through in order to host the Los Angeles meetup, especially with all the overbooking. I’m also thankful that I’m able to go, and that I’m not one of the 100 people who got left out.

Seriously tho, I love keebtalk. I’m really glad that it worked out with the whole massdrop buying geekhack thing.


I’m thankful for another year going relatively smoothly (the past few were really crazy for me), I’m thankful for my good friends & family, I’m thankful I’ve been lucky enough to keep myself rolling along with a good paying job that allows me to have some comfort & indulge in some hobbies, & I’m also thankful we now have Keebtalk in the community. Since it started it has easily became my favorite place to discuss the hobby (seriously you guys are all awesome & make this an awesome place!) & I have even made a few good friends from here already! Here’s to everyone having a great holiday season & to a great new year! :partying_face:


Allow me to clarify: Keebtalk is not a space where edgelordery and shitposting proliferates, and I certainly don’t feel that it’s a space where certain types of keyboards are ignored or overvalued. And for that I’m thankful.

I don’t miss the /r/MK discord.


I’m thankful for for making it cheap and easy to build custom split keyboards. It got me into the hobby!


I’m thankful for boards with south facing LEDs.


North-facing square LEDs, otherwise known as “I will never use this keyboard again.”


Yeah, even north facing switches without LEDs are really starting to annoy me with gmk caps. I dont ever use LEDs, so the north facing switches extra annoy me. Stopped using my customized white fox because of it. And will be rebuilding my Satan board with a DZ60 later on.

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Having more switch choices, then I know what to do with… Seriously, my noggin is about to explode. lol

Happy turkey day everyone!


Thankful for our great community! Hope you all have a happy thanksgiving my friends down south.


Not American, but I’m really thankful for all of you who put effort, time, and love into this hobby and try their best to innovate and keep this hobby inclusive and open to everyone!

Have a good thanksgiving!


MD bought out geekhack?

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Yeah Drop owns GH now, although there have been basically no changes since they took over. While KT has become my favorite haunt for MKB talk, GH is still going strong with most of the usual suspects. I think Drop actually realized they’re better off leaving GH as is than trying to change it in any way after the mass exodus to here.


That’s the whole reason keebtalk exists

I’m not American but let’s do this anyway :wink:

I’m thankful to have a wonderful wife and two nice teenage daughters.

I’m thankful to have a nice job with colleagues I’m happy to work with everyday.

I’m thankful to have found this keyboard hobby, it makes my free times entertaining and my brain tick.

I’m thankful to have found this great forum.
Much more readable than others on the internet, my old eyes thank it :smiley:
Still usable on a smartphone, big bonus.
And most importantly full of kind and smart people.

Love to all of you, keeb enthousiasts, that makes this hobby grow. :heart:


Just wanted to say I’m thankful for this hobby and community right now because there are some days like today where I finish work (working from home) by 11 AM and I’m like what the hell do I do now? lol.
It’s too early for lunch, to early to watch TV or drink (not that I drink that much haha).

But with this hobby, I can check in with you guys, see what everyone is up to, get ideas or go out to my garage and work on projects. This kind of working with your hands is just a very mentally and emotionally healthy way to spend time. Whack on a podcast or audio book and get to work desoldering and get a feeling of accomplishment at the end.

Plus, our little corner of the internet is super positive.

Anyway, thanks all and thanks be to the keeb gods and our great high priest, his clakiness, Lord Norbaur.


I’m thankful for staying safe and healthy (so far, knock on wood) through the global craziness, and for this hobby giving me something nice and distracting through it.
Thankful for having found this community here, and being able to be a part of it and learn from it - I wish I had more time for it, but I’m also thankful still having my job.
Keeping it short, I’m thankful for my wife for many many reasons, one of which is she has never asked how much keyboard stuff costs.