Keyboard dream team (hypothetical or built)

What combination of boards/case/switch/keycaps/etc. do you think (or know, from experience) would go well together, like peanut butter and jelly, or salt and pepper, or milk and cookies, or macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti and meatballs or…

Post em if you’ve got em, or just dream up a good combo.

As for me, I have a through-hole romac numpad and it needs a corresponding through-hole 60% board. I just discovered the Lattice (ignore the keycaps). Lattice x romac:

What caps, you ask? Right now I’m thinking the Lattice x GMK Dots, for a dark look,

or Lattice x GMK Honor, for lightmode:

for a nice change of pace, KAT Monochrome is in GB right now:

… or if I can wait until next year, Lattice x @biip’s GMK Awaken:


Those keycaps are sexy!


I so badly want to see if HiPro caps on an HHKB are as great as I made it out to be in my head.


They are :wink:


The side by side images don’t work well on my phone, I just see the first one and a tiny bit of the next one and can’t scroll to the side to see, the only way is click on one to see it enlarged and then click to the next one. At first I thought it was just the same pic a bunch of times

I bought the red colored ion zenith with the plan to put red alert on it because that sounds lit

For sure! 2020 is a wash. The through-holes and keycaps look so symbiotic together.

Yours was actually one of the first I saw and really got me thinking about it when you put out the video about 3 years ago!

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Does it feel like MT3 or SA on a novatouch? I use MT3 on my 3 novatouch boards b/c I love the sound and feel.



It should be better now. I fixed it by removing all the table junk and just putting the images next to each other in the editor on the same line separated by a space :man_facepalming:t2: Sometimes the simplest ways are the best ways.

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off topic: There’s a dark theme for keebtalk??? Just turned this on after seeing your screenshot.


Yeah! if you head to your preferences and check out the Interface section


Hmmm a keyboard dream team huh?

Maybe a u-tron with a modernized and ANSI-ized layout



Dammit, that’s clean. Minimalism redefined.

I thought of this thread today, I don’t usually plan out builds too much because more often than not I find they don’t turn out quite right… When I decided to go for the key65 I had a whole plan to build it with gmk vaprowave and the pink case. I got both quite some time ago, and the color on both was not quite what I thought they should be, but I figured it would be fine. Life got in the way, and however many months later I pulled it all out and built the board up tonight with some turquoise tealios and leftover stabs I had around, and went to put on the key set, the pinks were so different that it didn’t work at all. I was big sad for a little while and ended up putting on gmk froyo and it looked much nicer.


Wow, yeah. That pink case sure turned out different than I think the renders conveyed. Looks almost like a creamsicle in that photo, although that might be a factor of the lighting as well.

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The lighting at my desk is garbage, I don’t think it’s actually that far off.

That looks like peaches to me. :roll_eyes:

A ruby Jelly Epoch with GMK Bread. It’ll look like strawberry toast. Yum.