Keyset Catalog - Just a simple Keyset search Engine and renderer

Zekth got bored and made a tool, I did not write this and am just reposting here because I thought people might find it interesting:


This is surprisingly good! Thanks for sharing.


Definitely a pretty cool tool, I’m sure a ton of us will find useful!

I frankly would prefer this over photorealistic 3D renders. Later tend to mislead where this looks more true.


That’s a super cool work !

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This is super cool


Then you’ll be disappointed.

Kit renders are supposed to show the exact HEX color (of the RAL) in a neutral light. If done correctly, just like this tool. It should not be any difference.

ABS caps reflect a lot of light, especially the top part. This is why it is so hard to photograph them or render them. They simply change too much depending on the light setting. There is no wrong or right. Just a wide spectrum of colors.

What is even more wrong is to stare at this tool or the HEX and think thats its the colors you’ll get since you you will never (almost) be in an environment that will give you those colors.

So best option is just to use as many different sources as possible to get an idea of what it will look like.

While I agree, I’m talking more about colors we perceive and remember which is not subject to factors like lighting, unlike colors captured in photos or rendered. Look at your favorite keyset in front of you then close your eyes and recall how it looks.

I’m honestly shocked at how good the colors look. My monitor is hardware calibrated, so I don’t know what you guys see, but I own most of these sets and a lot of them are really spot on as far as perceived color.

Really nice work

Now… SA and DSA. Thanks.


Hey folks,
just made an update on the app.
Added some layouts, fixed some alignments and also tried to make a better UI. Thanks for the feedback.

Also @pixelpusher i have to design those keys and legends first. This is the most time consuming part.


Nice addition (other keyboard formats and ISO) :slight_smile:

Your AZERTY is bad, it’s an ISO Fr, i’m shocked, i want an ISO Be :smile:

You can do it :slight_smile: it’s fairly simple

Another update:
Added bunch of keysets.
Added possibility to edit colors of the keyset
Added random features



This is great! Thank you!

While playing with this, it just reminds me about how hard it is to wait on getting the actual keycaps i’ve ordered.

So I noticed that you seem to have the nav keys in the alpha color for most of the sets when they should be mod colored. I can’t think of many sets that would have alpha colored nav keys aside from uniform sets a few instances of odd nav colors.

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as i use 60% as daily drivers i’ve never noticed it haha. But standard is alpha or mod colors for nav? I don’t really know tbh

Donutcat is right, the nav cluster is pretty much always mod colored e.g.

I can’t believe I never noticed that after all the times I’ve opened this up, lol.

Nav keys are almost exclusively mod colored with the main exceptions being a few sets that do weird things with the color patterns there.

Will fix this so.