Keyset Catalog - Just a simple Keyset search Engine and renderer

You can do it :slight_smile: it’s fairly simple

Another update:
Added bunch of keysets.
Added possibility to edit colors of the keyset
Added random features



This is great! Thank you!

While playing with this, it just reminds me about how hard it is to wait on getting the actual keycaps i’ve ordered.

So I noticed that you seem to have the nav keys in the alpha color for most of the sets when they should be mod colored. I can’t think of many sets that would have alpha colored nav keys aside from uniform sets a few instances of odd nav colors.

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as i use 60% as daily drivers i’ve never noticed it haha. But standard is alpha or mod colors for nav? I don’t really know tbh

Donutcat is right, the nav cluster is pretty much always mod colored e.g.

I can’t believe I never noticed that after all the times I’ve opened this up, lol.

Nav keys are almost exclusively mod colored with the main exceptions being a few sets that do weird things with the color patterns there.

Will fix this so.

Wow - that helps a lot - thanks

Now just some popular keybs and a render button :wink:

Biip Notice Me

Best :joy:

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Could you please add GMK Paperwork?

@kimslawson do you have the RGB codes?

@hell-es Yeah it’s in the todo list. ATM i have lot of work with my dayjob but i’ll try to tackle it asap.

GMK Paperwork is special. It’s made by The Van Keyboards (shoutout to @evangs) and meant for 40% keyboards specifically, and it used 13 SA custom color codes. How did that work? I have no idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cross-referencing and I have the following:

3 greys:

                                   color:         code:  RGB:             hex:
Mod keys; alpha and arrow legends: Dark grey      GG     123, 120, 115    #7b7873
Arrow keys:                        Medium grey    GKH    168, 168, 166    #a8a8a6
Alpha keys; mod legends:           Light grey     GTR    199, 199, 191    #c7c7bf

and 5 colors in 2 shades each:

color:         code:  RGB:             hex:

Dark Violet    RDA    108, 59, 123   ­  #6c3b7b    Option key legend
Dark Yellow    YBP    255, 172, 0 ­     #ffac00    Control key legend
Dark Pink      RCR    211, 123, 162   ­ #d37ba2    Escape key legend
Dark Blue      BDG    54, 144, 161     #3690a1    Super key (diamond) legend
Dark Green     VBQ    97, 138, 64      #618a40    Menu key (lines) legend
Light Violet   RCJ    166, 152, 197    #a698c5    Option key
Light Yellow   YCE    255, 219, 88     #ffdb58    Control key
Light Pink     RCS    220, 162, 200    #dca2c8    Escape key	
Light Blue     BFQ    102, 208, 208    #66d0d0    Super key
Light Green    VAT    147, 194, 71     #93c247    Menu key

See for the layout and color chip samples

See for the custom SA colors used

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Very nice!
Now if I could only get a set of keycaps that look like this:


Reversed honeywell? haha

Closest would probably be Sanctuary Rebirth PBT or Sanctuary DCS

The mods aren’t as loud, but it does have a solid red and black theme going on.

I agree with @Manofinterests this may the only alternative i see.

Honeywell Dark Room… or just GMK Dark Room…

I like what their going for, but I’m not really a fan of how they executed the red, with out addressing the mods.