[Kickstarter] Hexgears X-1 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard — Kono Store


I recommend getting the clicky white ones. They’re the only one I would call good out of the three; the other two are “meh” at best imo.


Sounds like a pretty good board at that price point. I look forward to trying one.


Kono is the store front of IC and the mission stated that they believe in open source several tims even on Top Clack. Sorry but this is not an execuse if other people use their store front.


I:C believes in open source yes. Kono is literally just a store front that I:C exclusively uses, but Kono also opens their store front for other vendors and designers. Kono has never said they only offer fully open source.

I:C exclusively uses Kono, but Kono is not I:C. That’s why Kono also works with others in the community. All I:C products are open source and continue to be.

Not all Kono products have to be open source. That’s like saying if they have a GMK set on their site, the files for the molds GMK uses and should be open source for others to use hehe. I’m not sure GMK would like that.

On Top Clack, Andrew was there and spoke about open source in terms of Input Club and they continue to do so.

There definitely is a relation between Input Club and Kono.store, but I don’t think they share the view of everything being open source. I believe only Input Club has that exclusive view in our community. Kono.store is merely a medium for products to pass through like Massdrop, Novelkeys, or other vendors who run products through their doors.

I’m sure @ohaimark could talk more about this if you had questions.


Interesting looking board this . . . . .


I’ve never owned a board with this type of low-profile switch before. Just out of curiosity: what types of keycap options (and sources) are available out there for people who want to swap out from stock?


None for the most part aside from blanks


We are working on some alternate set designs though!


No QMK, no sale. Let me know when you guys have the X2 or whatever with proper QMK support and I’ll buy three.


Like multiple others on this thread, I’m most interested about replacement keycaps. I tend to break keycaps on my current keyboard quite often (long story), so I’m really interested about potential cost for replacement keycaps. I know that another user mentioned blank keycaps are available, would anyone be able to link to those? I wouldn’t care if they’re blank, I just worry that I’ll buy a keyboard and not be able to replace the broken caps easily.

Also, are the key switches replaceable? Is there a keyswitch tester available for Choc switches? I haven’t used many mechanical keyboards, and I’m worried that I won’t like the feel, and will experience some regret.

Lastly, how sturdily do the keycaps attach to the keyboard? Looking at the pictures, I’m concerned I’ll hit the edge of a key and knock the cap off partially or totally. Do mechanical keyboards like typically have wobbly keys?


There aren’t any options, as most of the current options are the really bad flat-style keycaps.

However Dareu is one of the few manufacturers that sell a board with these, of which they produce an American version sold under the brand of Havit. You can buy the bluetooth version from Flashquark $65+Shipping. Or get the Havit branded TKL without bluetooth for $60 and free shipping.

You really have to try one of these boards out, they are surprisingly delightful. It has the same clickbar that are in boxwhites but has a little bit shorter actuation and a much shorter bottom out point. However, thats not the best part, the low profile design of the keycaps are great. Its one of the only keycaps for this switch that has a slight scuplt to them. I believe the keycaps are made with a dual coating of paint using UV printing to expose the thin silver legends that allow LEDs to shinethrough. Now, I don’t have particularly acidic hands, but I’ve been using this keyboard as my daily driver for 10months and haven’t seen any signs of wear in regards to the legends. I’ve only received a slight shine from the ABS, for all I know the top layer of paint might start wearing off by year 2.

Thats not even the best part though. The great thing about these low profile caps is that they have a two pronged stem that clips into the switch. So no keycap puller is needed, just simply lift up on the left or right side of the keycap to pop it off. Then it has what I can only assume to be a proprietary stabilizer system that is quite ingenious in its simplicity (hopefully you could contact kailh to confirm whether you could buy the stabilizers). So the stabilized switches oddly have a different top housing than the standard switches (don’t know why they didn’t just use the same housing for all of the switches). There is a groove molded into the top housings that allow for you to snap a wire into, then the wire is bent on the ends as sort of a kickstand to keep it off of the plate. The keycaps have catching clips molded into them which guide and hold onto the wire. This system makes for nearly silent stabilizing, as well as making it very easy to add and remove keycaps.

I also forgot to mention, the dual-pronged stem on the keycaps seem to remove the negative audio sounds that MX ABS keycaps produce, since the keycaps are more secured and distribute the load better on the upstroke. I am using the clicky switches though, so It is a little hard to notice the sound created from the keycaps. In general though, I don’t feel or hear much of a difference between a 1u key and a stabilized key.

I really wish this formfactor would catch on. Really interested in what the typing experience would be with a more sculpted keycap / PBT keycap / heavier spring / thicker clickbar/ deeper bottom housings.

I mean, the kailh clickbar switches are just magic in general. I like to explain them to people by saying that a brown tactile switch will both, feel better, and sound better than the kailh switches, yet the kailh switches will be more enjoyable to use. The sharpness of the actuation/click paired up with the linear-feeling forcecurve makes these switches feel incredibly fast and acurate when typing.



Are the Dareu switches the same as Havit’s since you said they produce the American Version Havit?

I’ve done testing and disassembly and those switches are not compatible with normal choc switches. The stem/slider and pin locations are different so they aren’t compatible. :confused:


Yea, its very weird that it seems like dareu has a bunch of custom stuff for such a new switch. The blue switch on the Havit board has a dareu logo on the stem.


I only like flat keycaps, where do you find those keycaps for this? :o




Will the Numlock next to 0 actually toggle a numlock allowing for the 2468 arrow cluster and the 1379 nav keys?

Or does it just disable you from pressing numbers?


Yea thats what I hate about the layout design. The numlock only lets you access the nav keys and brightness control. Oddly enough the numlock turns the arrow keys into nav keys.

Ps. Does anyone else hate when numpads have numlock arrows with a gap on number 5. The arrows become like a dance dance revolution pad, its just so hard to transition between forward and back. Aesthetically it looks good, but thats about it.


Anyone have a test for the choc whites? I think I’m gonna go for those since people are saying they are the best of the three, but if they are too terribly loud I’d have to pass.


Since the KS campaign is going so well, here’s an idea for a stretch goal: offer some of the newer Kailh choc switches as an option (Jade, Navy, Dark Yellow, Burnt Orange, Pale Blue).

It would seriously be hard to resist getting in on this if I could get a low-pro thick click board.


There are these, with legends. From another thread here, I got the idea of using caps from a plum ortho that I picked up on ebay for my upcoming helix build with low pro chocs. Other than these, I’ve yet to find any other options for choc caps.


Out of curiosity i’ve bought a Drevo Joyeuse a couple of months ago to test these low profile switches.

This is my personal experience only,
if you love/use your laptop keyboard a lot, this may be a huge stepup.
if you prefer DSA/XDA profile, you may be fine.
if Cherry or SA is heaven for you, try first at a mall, meetup …!

I’m fine with the switches, but, even though i own and like a couple of DSA/XDA sets, these keycaps (profile) isn’t mine at all. There isn’t enough distinction inbetween the caps, they’re to “close” to each other.
Might look close to DSA/XDA, but doesn’t feel like that for me.

Might be a good idea to try before you buy!

Have a nice weekend

Edit: Having read the complete information given, its kind of bizarre to read: “Hexgears originated in Germany, the home of precision engineering.” Keep in mind i’m German, and no ISO Layout given, first reaction from German friends. Maybe a worthy stretchgoal!

I have to admit the black one does look sexy to me.