[Kickstarter] Hexgears X-1 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard — Kono Store


Sure open hardware is another level of openess but i didnt talk about that. It is a fact that ic people build the kono store front and now the first time they let a vandor locked maybe with key logger firmware


Would you mind to explain a bit more, that’s a tough theory, which might be valid for any keyboard sold for average joe. Shouldn’t any keyboard without specialized driver/software have a harder time to hide network traffic in comparison to something like Corsair Cue Software as example.


No firmware which is isnt open source can be 100% free of doubt to be out of backdoors as it is the best attack surface to get user inputs. since edward snowden reveals you should be open minded for all attack possibilities to your privacy.


Possibilities, yes. But following this logic, we should shut down the internet or as a single person cut our (W)lan and don’t use any communication, either oldschool (letters) or digital (Phone) and should only talk eye to eye.
Even that won’t help if you’re a person of interest for any service being interested in you.

Not saying your fears might be unreasonable, but 100% privacy isn’t possible anymore, it may never had been given. I think you’re a bit over the top, open source is better for sure, but depending on size of code, that doesn’t grant 100% safety, too, from my point of view.

But still an interesting discussion, and one of these moments i wish i could talk in my native language :slight_smile:


Where will the X-1 be manufactured? The Kickstarter says German engineered but I’m looking for “Made in…”?


Further question, is the kickstarter price an early access price? Will it release on Kono at a higher price?


I backed this on Kickstarter but am a bit dubious now reading the comments. Not programmable and no per key RGB? There’s other keyboards with same switches and per RGB albeit bit longer and cheaper out there so beginning to think is it even worth it?


Definitely made in China.


The price will increase after the Kickstarter - likely to $120.


Question, how does this kickstarter relate to this chinese website?
www hexgears com/content-28-59-1.html

it looks extremely similar to me?


That’s because it’s the same keyboard — it just had a less cool name when Hexgears launched that announcement page. The main Hexgears office is in China because Germany is an expensive place to do keyboards.


i thought so. it seems a little strange to me that we’re doing the “german engineering” shtick on kickstarter and there’s a complete chinese website already done.


Engineered with German precision doesn’t mean made in Germany. All sorts of German companies do manufacturing in / move their operations to China. -shrugs- Plenty of American companies engineer things and send the plans over for production too.

China has one of the largest growing middle classes, and consumer markets, in the world in terms of luxury items like keyboards. I don’t know everything about Hexgears, tbh, but it makes sense that the German portion of the company would shift to China instead of vice versa. I think there was a name change that happened at some point too.

In any case, German origins are part Hexgears’ corporate story. Kono is just helping them tell that story in the US.


@ohaimark @lekashman Sorry for reposting, but I didn’t get your guys’ response on this. Do you think it’s a good idea and do you think it’ll be possible to work this out with Hexgears?


We’ll look into it, but it’s unlikely.

I actually asked about that independently a while back and received the same answer.

So… I tried to make that happen, but no dice. At least not yet.


I believe in you; make it happen :eyes:


What switch do you recommend for someone who is currently using zealios 67g, white or brown?
Also, does anyone have any experience with these switches who can give me a brief idea/comparison of how they feel?


If you don’t mind the clicky noise, definitely white. White has better tactility than the brown.


People interested in this keyboard should read the review at Keychatter.


Pretty much what I expected from Seth — he’s a great journalist.

Note that Hexgears is working to improve the space bar feel with an additional metal wire that will run around its bottom edge (as in stiffen the keycap with extra structure). I saw a prototype of the new space bar design while I was visiting their office.