[Kickstarter] Hexgears X-1 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard — Kono Store


Good to know!
Shouldn’t this be noted at Kickstarter Updates?


It will go in the next one. :wink:


Thank you for your answer and time,

but something like that would be handled a lot better and have a much more serious look, being posted before its called out by a third party.

This comment gets the point pretty good for me:

“I’m perfectly fine just looking at this as a keyboard pre-order, because the thing looks cool. But it’d be nice to have things feel a little more… kickstartery. :)”

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If we get a faulty keyboard, what will returns be like, considering it’s through a kickstarter and not through a store?


Kono Store will handle the physical return / replacement. I don’t have a warranty length from the Hexgears main office yet, but I imagine it will be 1 year at minimum.


Hello, does anyone know about issue with choc white swiches? (Not registerig clicks)
Is that issue fixed or? Thanks


Got my keyboard today, it’s quite beautiful! I liked the quick start guide, but there wasn’t any other guide in the box so I have a few questions and wasn’t sure where to ask them:

  • How do I know how much battery life is left in the keyboard?
  • How do I turn it on and off when its in wireless mode, to save the battery? I see a little switch on the back near the cable slot, is that it? I tried switching it but nothing happened, but maybe that’s because it doesn’t do anything in wired mode?
  • One of my keys squeaks, is there a way to alleviate that? And one of them isn’t registering keypresses (the L key). I’ve never used or maintained mechanical swiches before, so talk to me like a noob. XD (edit: the L key registers if I push it very hard, but not with the same pressure as the other keys)


I think if the L key isnt registering you should contact Kono immediately and ask for a replacement.


Hi kellog33,
I have one with the choc whites and the issue is very real and not fixed. Extremely disappointing as the board is otherwise great but as it stands is completely unusable,


So keyboard is praticly unusable… Damn, this keyboard is best keyboard I’ve ever seen but that stupid issue… I hope they will fix it. Thanks for the reply!


Yeah, I would actually love it if it worked. In all other respects it is just what I was looking for as far as a portable board goes. Perhaps it is ok with other switch types as it really seems from people posting that it is the choc whites with the issues.


Hmmm I could order my swiches and solder new one on the board, that could work just fine? I hope swiches are standard size. :smiley: