[Kickstarter] Hexgears X-1 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard — Kono Store


Good to know!
Shouldn’t this be noted at Kickstarter Updates?


It will go in the next one. :wink:


Thank you for your answer and time,

but something like that would be handled a lot better and have a much more serious look, being posted before its called out by a third party.

This comment gets the point pretty good for me:

“I’m perfectly fine just looking at this as a keyboard pre-order, because the thing looks cool. But it’d be nice to have things feel a little more… kickstartery. :)”

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If we get a faulty keyboard, what will returns be like, considering it’s through a kickstarter and not through a store?


Kono Store will handle the physical return / replacement. I don’t have a warranty length from the Hexgears main office yet, but I imagine it will be 1 year at minimum.


Hello, does anyone know about issue with choc white swiches? (Not registerig clicks)
Is that issue fixed or? Thanks