Least favorite board you are keeping and your justification why

Brutal60 - I don’t have a lot of attachment, but it is such a good “all around” type board. Just wish the typing experience was more fun :man_shrugging:

Lubrigante - I think I am kind of over the Alice hype. Comfy to type on, but I think I would just prefer a regular 60% layout. Board was so affordable though, it makes it hard to consider getting rid of.

To some extent, I feel like I am just keeping boards to show off caps :man_facepalming:


Yeah I found it unusable for my home computer since I play video games sometimes and like it’s more flashy than I’d like for the office

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I have a Pok3r still, but only because trying to sell things does not bring me joy.

It’s not a bad keyboard though, it just [waves hands randomly].


Dell Enhanced Keyboard with Key Tronic foam and foil switches. The switches sucks, but I can look at it as an example of not how to make a tactile switch.

AppleDesign Keyboard with Alps dome with slider switches. Only keeping this because I find older Apple keyboards to be quite interesting.

Amstrad PCW 8256 Keyboard with spring over membranes. I can’t even use the damn thing, but it’s an Amstrad, so it’s purpose is to be made fun of ehehe.


I have a DAS Keyboard with Cherry Blue switches that I bought in maybe 2013? It is too heavy and bulky to ship. One day I may recycle it, but for now it lives on at the bottom of the closet.

I also have a BTC 5100 with pretty snappy domes. I would never actually use it as a daily driver and it sort of just sits around uselessly. I keep it as a reminder that domes can feel ok.

PC Jr keyboard. Looks fabulous a guy on eBay was selling NOS boards in box for like $20 so I had to get it. Would never type on it, it is torture. I hate that it takes up space, but it stays in the collection for now.

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There is so much competition these days too! All the youngin’s would be like “What’s a Pok3r?” or “Pok3r? I hardly know her!” :joy:


Sounds like a project to me. Now you gotta get a plate and PCB made for it!

Oh PC JR would look awesome.

I look around for a CA66 on the after market every now and then. I love the look, but I hear the sound is not so great. I heard there was a China GB recently, not sure if it will ever come back to the states.

Made in 1983. NOS. I suspect I will keep this forever, even though it feels like crap to type on and I will never use it.


Btw, Brutal60 is pretty great with a strong tactile switch. If you are team linear I imagine that it is pretty boring. I sold my Brutal60 because it seemed to have very soft anodization, which I don’t like. If a board feels too delicate I don’t use it much.

I’ll probably keep some version of the Magicforce 68. I sold my steel build, but I have a modded stock build that I keep around for nostalgia sake because it was the first mech keeb I got.


I have HPs in mine and I really like it. Like I said, I just don’t think it has a lot of personality but it is really solid in a lot of areas.

I am not a fan of the ano. on mine, but it sounds like cerakoting is around ~100$, I have been waffling around putting more money or not into it.

Oh, that’s easy.

This thing is hot garbage, but - it’s also the whole reason I found this hobby - so I keep it as a memento.

I’ll probably do a video comparing it to [ literally anything ] one of these days.

I’ve posted this here before, but it seems pretty fitting for this thread - the review I left on walmart’s website for this thing:

Onn Soft-Touch USB Wired Keyboard

[2/5 stars]

This is one of the least pleasant keyboards I have ever used in my life - edged out only by the floppy “roll-up” style portable style ones. This is a genuinely disappointing typing / gaming experience.

  • [ - ] Slippery keys

  • [ - ] Mushy, imprecise keyfeel

  • [ - ] Flexible like the Tacoma Narrows bridge

  • [ - ] Some keys are odd proprietary shape or position

  • [ - ] Sounds like drumming a melon with floppy gloves on

  • [ + ] Does function

  • [ + ] Is pretty quiet

  • [ + ] Touch is in fact soft

Basically, it’s hot garbage, but it will do in a pinch.

So why do I call it “inspiring” ? Simple. It inspired me to buy a mechanical keyboard. That board I am extremely satisfied with and will use for the rest of my days. Extra star just for that!

(It’s also sold elsewhere as a “Logitech”, likely among other names.)


Not a board but switches. Pewters, hard for me to sell on both mm and discord servers and i don’t like using them cause it feels like there is 2 tactile bumps on the downstroke

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What is the issue with selling? I enjoy mine! I would buy yours, but I got in the second round GB.

If you’re comfortable selling them to me, I’d be happy to buy them from you.

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I still have 3 topre (I had more but sold them) boards even though I don’t use staggered keyboards anymore. They aren’t my least favorite board, I just don’t use them since I have been ortho for last several years. I think I keep them just because topre was the first mechanical switch that I used and continued to use for over a decade and just can’t part with them since they offer a switch experience like no other.

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My Gherkin. I can’t use 40%s let alone a 30%, I can’t use ortho at all, and it has cherry reds in it and I HATE reds. I can’t get on with linears if any kind but reds are the worst.

But I won’t get rid of it because it was the first time I tried something new and I like the look of it.


For me, probably my old Noppoo Choco 2 I got for free from a friend. It has adjustable debounce and there is no middle ground between sometimes double sending characters and sometimes not registering inputs at all. I think the last time I brought it into work I had to try my password 2 or 3 times every time I logged in before it would register all the keys correctly.

But it has POM caps and buttery smooth Cherry blacks, so it stays in the collection.

I had a CA66 a few years ago. It was extremely echo-y (relatively thin aluminum plus a big cavity in the back) but it was damn pretty. I tried to stuff it with a few things to no avail.

I have discovered non-metal plates since then (and found places that will make them) and I sometimes wonder if that would have helped significantly with the sound.