Link your channels - youtube instagram etc

I thought we should have a thread were people can link there channels! Give some links and small descriptions of your content

I use youtube to upload typing tests - I just use my iphone x and a blue yeti mic

I use instagram as sort of a blog for my keyboards, so taking photos of packages and new builds etc

My youtube

My instagram

Id love more people to follow and connect with!

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Great idea! I don’t use anything other than reddit so I’m just going to follow this for more people to follow :eyes:

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I already follow alot of people but you cant have too many :smiley:
I don’t post content super often, and I only have a handful of keyboard videos, but I just made a playlist called ‘keeb’ and put all my keyboard-related videos in there to make them easier to find. Mostly some 10fastfingers typing tests. I’m pretty confident in my speed, but the video quality isn’t the greatest.

Also, I just went and replied to a bunch of other threads because it wouldn’t let me post links yet. Hopefully this works this time…

My channel, only thing I post there is my typing on a keyboard :stuck_out_tongue: There are a few new ones planned, rebulid the Canoe and Kmini and also have new Iris build planned.

Here are mine: Instagram, YouTube.

Instagram is great; my feed is nothing but pretty pictures and keyboards, and pretty pictures of keyboards. I didn’t really get it at first but it’s quickly becoming my favorite social media app.

I really like the sound of that KBD8x you posted!

Thanks much!

I actually already follow you on all of your social media haha. Instagram is also my favourite app, its so chill to browse.

@norbauer having heard that board in real life it sounded just as good irl as it does there.

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My channel only has one video on it. I really should work on that.

like the idea of this thread!

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Thanks for doing this! I have a YT, twitter, reddit, and Twitch account. I sometimes stream on YT or Twitch, and usually announce it on /r/mk, its discord, and on Twitter. I have been meaning to fill out the videos I’ve posted to YT and finish off the one series, but I have not found the time yet. (read: I’m lazy and it’s time consuming to edit and encode my streams from raw footage.)

ZoaTOfficial Youtube
@zoatofficial on twitter
Zoatofficial on twitch
and /u/zoat_official on reddit.

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I know I might sound like a bit of a broken record on this one because I made the same suggestion for personal collections, but if you could just populate those types of things in your personal profile they could be linked elsewhere at will and not require users to search for a specific thread to find someone’s social media/etc. It would lessen clutter clutter from redundant threads on the same topic, and in the case of “keyboard collections” it could support tracking and verifying sales through the market. I feel like it would be a great way to streamline things as well as offer something new.

Needn’t say more! Followed :wink:

That’s a good idea to do too, but I imagine it’ll be easier for some to either tag this post and come back or be able to search for it.

I’ll also be posting the links whenever I have a thread on streaming or something, so it’ll always be there too.

I’m not sure what you mean by “keyboard collections” for sales and stuff like that. Tracking and verifying sales should be done through the market, IMO. Unless you’re talking about heatware or something like that.

I only have an Instagram channel for my keyboard stuff so far but if you like pretty pictures of keyboards and artisans it might be worth a look for you :grin:


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Yeah, just kinda making suggestions since things are still in the early stages here. Definitely a good idea to have a thread like this that can be bookmarked or stickied so at least theres something, but heres kinda what I was thinking:

We have personal profiles on here for some reason or another, and they’re really most valuable as a place to store information that is specific to us, as individuals within the community. That would support a couple of different things that could be helpful to the type of interactions we have in the hobby.

First, In the case of social media accounts, we could link those things to our profiles and have them stay connected to the user in that way. it would help keep things clean because there wouldn’t need to be unorganized threads to store it (i.e. a thread for insta, snapchat, reddit, and whatever new ones show up eventually), so people would always know where to look for info like that if it was being shared. It would also help for verification purposes.

Secondly, in the case of the market thing I said, it came as a response to the various show and tell threads, and the notion of consolidating stuff like that too. If we were able to set up an “inventory” within our profiles, we could populate it with our personal collections (whether they be keyboards, artisans, etc.) I know it’s somewhat of a grand idea, but something like that would almost create a system of giving items having a trackable history of ownership as well. I know in the case of older and replicated artisans, a trade/sale history to track legitimacy can be super helpful.

I’m sure there’s holes to be found in my idea, but again, with this forum being as new as it is, I figured I might try my hand at making constructive suggestions.

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I agree with putting the info on our profiles. I’ve actually already done it myself. It is a good idea, and I’m sure most will be doing it. But I think it’s also a good idea to have threads like this occasionally. Just to have the info all in one place. Maybe you don’t remember the person’s name or account, but you can search for keywords that you remember from what they said they do. I think both are valid, and maybe the thread needs to be limited or stickied or something, but I think it can be helpful.

As for the “inventory” I see what you’re saying and I think I’m on a similar page as the info for the social media thread. It’s definitely good to have something like that on your profile, but I for one am not going to go through someone’s profile just to look at pics of their board. I would much rather scroll through a huge thread of pictures to find one I’m looking for or just window shop or see how people configure their boards. If I remember that user XXYY had a certain board though, it would be easier to go the their profile and click the “collection link” Unless we get signatures like on GH where we can leave links at the bottom of all our posts.

TL;DR: I think both threads and links on your profiles for both social media and keyboards have their uses and they shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Otherwise, I agree with you, they’re both good ideas.

I definitely like the idea of having threads for those things and not having those potential features be mutually exclusive because it does allow for a centralized spot for things. I kinda imagined that by being able to link profile information like that to threads, it can still be found somewhere like a specific post, but in essence is tied to your profile first and doesn’t require the thread for it to exist. I might be overthinking it, or underthinking possible limitations though.

Here are mine.

  • Instagram. Most of what my “reddit time” is now spent here. Basically, I’ve got the content that RMK used to have (more or less) without the shitty memes.
  • Webpage. I needed a place for my projects.