List of weird combos and normal tactile switches I made. (pls tell me what you would suggest)

This is just a list of tactiles I made, some might not even work or feel/sound terrible.
But I would love to see some of your input if some the switches work or if you have tried them.
(also I really like tactiles that have a long bump with almost no pre travel)

Holy Boba (boba housing with Halo stem)
Holy Kiwi (kiwi housing with Halo stem)
Zykos (Holy panda top, Halo stem with Zealios bottom housing)
Holy Zealios (zealios v2 housing with Halo stem)Boba u4t
Zealios v2
Holy Panda
C3 Kiwi
Glorious Panda


Hello and welcome!

We’ve actually got a pretty extensive frankenswitch thread going here, which does have an entry I wrote on Holy Bobas - though not the rest, at least not yet. If you’ve got thoughts on any of them I encourage you to share them there!

Personally, I count Holy Bobas among my very favorite switches. I didn’t like Holy Kiwis, Zealios, or even Pandas as much. I haven’t tried Zykos yet, though maybe it’s about time I do - I hear they’re lovely. I love stock Kiwis and U4T’s, but haven’t gotten to try Glorious Pandas yet.

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You actually made me look into holy bobas so its great to hear it from the man himself!

My other question is does the holy boba have any pretravel and or aftertravel?

Also out of u4ts, kiwis and holybobas which is your favorite sound wise?

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Oh cool!

About the Holy Boba; basically no pre-travel, very slight post-travel that I don’t even notice in-use. The bump is snappy but takes up most of the travel.

Sound-wise, Holy Bobas take the win easily for me, though U4T’s sound great as well and plenty prefer them. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite sounding mx-compatible switch between those and Gateron Caps.


Thanks allot man! I already have some halo trues so I’m gonna get some bobas soon and try this out

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