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Hello, everyone.

More than three years ago I started participating in r/mk; reading posts and comments, searching for answers, asking some questions … yeah. Sometimes, I also had an eye on geekhack, especially in regards of upcoming keycap group buys.

Back in the days, younger me was using the Cherry G83 … and it felt goood. In late 2013, macbook happened and as the months and years went by, I missed that clicking and clacking and comfortable keypressing.

tl;dr I still don’t own a mechanical keyboard.

Aesthetically, I’ve always been into modest, “minimal” TKL keyboards. Nothing fancy, purely functional design and engineering. Nowadays I’m also into 60 % keyboards …

After more than three years of research™ and decision-making, I finally know which will (hopefully) be my very first mechanical keyboard. (It’s the KARA.)

When it comes to switches, though … who would’ve thought that’s an even deeper rabbit hole than keyboard cases and layouts and whatnots itself.

Pretty sure I’m into smooth tactiles with rounded bumps, and smooth linears. I thought there’d be two, maybe three switches I should try for a longer amount of time … MX Clear, MX Grey, and MX Black.

But what about all those other switches I recently researched™ about … the drama-inducing Holy Pandas, the fluffy-smooth Alpacas, the Gateron Black Inks, et cetera.

Yeah, when it comes to switches, I’m currently confused about what I should and would like to try … and, well, could afford. Maybe for the beginning I’ll just go with the starter kit which is probably going to be offered besides the keyboard, the last starter kits looked pretty decent, and there’s some nice stabilizers in there, too.

(Oh, and did I mention lubing and filming, yet?)

Thank you for coming to me KeebTalk.


Welcome! Good to have you here.

Here’s some keeb science that helped me get started.


Welcome to the beginning of experimentation! I’d recommend trying out some heavy linear (cherry black), lighter linears (tealios or red inks) and strongly tactile (Zealio v2 or some holy panda clone) to start.

This will give you the chance in some very broad strokes to know what your baseline preference is starting out.

I spent years experimenting with different springs, manufacturers, lubing, frankenswitching, etc. My preference ranged from feather light linears to Heavily tactile and everything in between.

After all that time I found, I hate lubing switches and how the lube wears off over time, I’m not a huge fan of tactile Mx, and I’m happiest with stock Cherry black or stock milky top gateron black (because they look like nixies - a particular vintage black switch) and Topre in an HHKB.

Have fun finding what you like!