RO-59 TM KT vs Krytox vs Tribosys

Does any one have any experiance with RO-59 TM KT?

Would it be worth picking up some RO-59 TM KT to use instead of the traditional Krytox / Tribosys lubes, on Zilents?

Also, any thoughts on RO-59 TM KT vs Krytox vs Tribosys, would be appreciated. I’ve read through the ripster55 guides on reddit, but I’m intrested in more long term usage information.

RO-59 TM KT source:


Hmm maybe I’ll finally have a chance to try RO-59 that hasn’t expired :thinking:

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I decided to order some, as I intend to do a couple tests:


  • RO-59 vs 3203 vs 3204 vs 205
  • Treated with RO-59 and lubed with 3203.
  • Treated with RO-59 and lubed with 3204.
  • Treated with RO-59 and lubed with 205.


  • RO-59 vs 3203 vs 3204 vs 205
  • Treated with RO-59 and lubed with 3203.
  • Treated with RO-59 and lubed with 3204.
  • Treated with RO-59 and lubed with 205.

I’m mainly interested in seeing if there are any negative interactions between RO-59 and the 3203.Preformatted text

EDIT: May or may not do stab testing, due to it being redundant.

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I appreciate the share in the first post, is the intention to have the RO-59 coating as a “fallback” once the Krytox would’ve required reapplication? like an under coating? interesting, I’m staying tuned!

I’m thinking of using the ro-59 on the housings and the krytox on the stems. need to do some experimenting once I receive my batch. I also ordered a lubing station, so he’s shipping them together, once the lubing stations have been cut.

I’m him, lube station and RO-50tmKT. I was looking for community reviews of the lubricant and came across your post, thank you for sharing my reddit sales link!

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Why yes you are! It may have been 2am, when I read your post. lol

@CosmicKira Any updates? I’m quite interested in a comparison between 205 type lubes and RO-59, and maybe getting some to compare to similar wet application dry lubes but perhaps in spray variants.

Unfortunately no, it’s been put on the back burner, as I’ve had other things take precedence… One of these days, I need to get around to it.

Hay, I never got around to using the RO-59, due to time constraints. If your interested in it, I can send it to you.

Yeah I’m definitely down! DMing you now

Does this mean will get a Which Switch spin off called Ludacris Lubing


I am waiting for a video on foams and some video tutorials about mods. :slight_smile:

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So i saw this thread, and ordered some of each of these lubes from ringerkeys and waited till I got the alpacas from the lastest drop from primekb to test this out. I started with 3 switches, lubed one with krytox 205g0, one with tribosys 3203 and one with RO-59. The RO-59 took a few days since i waited 24 hours between coats, as I did 3 coats each on the sliders and stems. The springs for all 3 were bag lubed with krytox 105 oil and all 3 switches were filmed with deskeys switch films.

My findings. with Alpacas. Your mileage may vary, and everyone has their own preference :slight_smile:

Krytox 205g0- very smooth, deep sound per usual and to be expected from this lube. I’d say a medium coat was applied, not too heavy or light. I’m gonna say something that might be an unpopular opinion, but this lube just takes all the personality out of a switch and makes linears feel the same to me. My least favorite of all 3 switches in this experiment

Tribosys 3203 - Slightly smoother than the 205g0, but really, its like splitting hairs trying differentiate. Sound was more higher pitched, as to be expected. A little bit of a thicker coat was applied, id say 6 or 7/10 on the thickness scale. Extremely buttery. But, alpacas being so smooth even out of the box, in my experience with this lube and this switch, to me it honestly feels JUST a tad scratchier than a stock switch, but smoother than the 205g0. Very good switch, but something felt off to me compared to stock.

RO-59kt - Oh man, now this switch/lube combo is something special. I actually liked this so much that i did the other 97 switches this way. In my opinion, I think alpacas have a lot of personality in the way they sound and feel, and this lube actually improved on the smoothness and sound for me. When comparing it to the krytox/tribosys lube’d switches in this experiment which made the sound deeper, RO-59 made them more high pitched and smoother. They feel almost as if they have no friction. Granted, you can still hear SOME when you press it right next to your ear, but when mounted, its such a small amount that you would never hear it unless your ear was like an inch away from the board.

Conclusion- I think theres a situation for each of these lubes, and in my conclusion, if you like the way a switch sounds stock but still want that improved feel, then RO-59 is the lube to use. In my experience, it accentuates the stock sound while also providing a suuuper slick like feel to it. After doing this to the rest of my alpacas, I am also currently in the process of lubing 90 gateron yellows with RO-59 as well. I have the first 30done with 3 coats, and the I think they corroborate my conclusions with the Alpacas.

I hope this helps anyone who is curious about using this lube, and I definitely think its worth a try if you’re interested in it :slight_smile:

  • all switch testing was done on my test board, KBDfans Tofu, brass plate, dz60hotswap pcb*

For me, something high pitch is a bad thing, but I might just be tired of listen to my tinnitus. :roll_eyes:


I just think I’m getting sick of krytox haha. I mean, I totally understand why people like it though and to each their own :slight_smile: This stuff is really interesting though and it’s not easy to put into words. So I may try my hand at making a video to show the results.

Side note : I took 2 of the gat yellows and put some 105 oil on the housing and I think I may have discovered something great. either that or its 6:54 a.m. and im going nuts from lubing switches 3 times over with this ro-59 hahaha


Ye, I’m not that shure about 205g0 so I ordered some Tribosys 3204 to see if there is any difference.
Or maybe try out some mixes.

Just noticed Miller-Stephenson, a Krytox manufacturer, now features 3203, 3204, and 205g0 as products for mechanical keyboards. Product details from the horse’s mouth are definitely interesting.

  • 3203 - recommended for tactical and clicky. hmm
  • 3204 - ideal for technical switches they say.
  • 205g0

No wonder Krebit bailed.


Let’s hope we can get a tube for the same price as 3ml

Here’s a typing test for the Gateron Yellows. Lubed with 3 coats of RO-59
saving the alpacas for my kbd8x :slight_smile: I hope this helps put some of my review into a clearer perspective.

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