Lubing newbie needs help

I’m a lubing newbie and have some questions about lubing with krytox 205g0:

  • I heard lubing on different temperature can make a difference, so is hot or cold weather better?
  • Most lubing guides I found are with thin lube (keebtalk guide with links for video guides for example) and not thick grease like the 205g0. On keebtalk I read that a switch like the Tealios V2 needs only a hint of lube or you destroy the feeling of the switch. Are there any good lubing guides for krytox 205g0?
  • Some folks seems to use another lube (like krytox 106) for springs. Is this recommended for the best results or is 205g0 good enough? To this topic: is bag lubing for springs recommended or just lube the both ends of the spring?
  • Formerly there were a lot of peoples which lubed the stabs with super lube. Lately krytox 205g0 is really popular for stabs aswell. Do I get best results with 205g0 even on the wires or should I use something else?

Thanks in advance for a answer!

I’m not sure about temperature but you can use it just the same as other lube just less of it. I also lubed creams and I didn’t use a dfifferent lube for stabs.

This thread should have all your answers. Which Lube for Switch Lube: An updated guide on the what, how, and where of switch lubricants - #96 by Scriba

Sadly not, that’s even the Guide I mentioned in my post. All this video Guides are definitely not recommended for 205g0 (they’re using thiner and more lube).


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I love 205g0. I find it to be the most effective and easiest lube to apply. You basically want to put it on as thin as possible. I use a dab on an applicator and spread it on the stem. One small dab for the stem. One small dab for the top housing and one small dab for the bottom housing.

Not sure how much to use? Put some on your pointer finger and rub it between your thumb and finger. You’ll notice that if you have more than a skim coating it starts to feel almost sticky and sluggish. Wipe almost all of it off and it feels silky smooth.

The basic idea that most repeat is that you don’t want to see anything white when you apply. White is overlubed for 205. You want a shiny, glossy, light coating. Work under a bright light and get a good angle on the surface for reflection to inspect.

I lube all of my springs with grease. I find oil ineffective at reducing spring ping. So yes, 205g0 or similar is fine for lubricating springs. Again,
just a small amount spread over all of the spring surface. Shouldn’t see any globs.

Use 205 for stabilizer housing a in a very light coating. 205g0 is okay for wires into the housing but I prefer the thicker, stickier dielectric grease. It dampens rattle better


Thanks for the really helpful reply!

Yeah. Like @pixelpusher said, you should see very minimal lube when applying 205g0. If there are any visible clumps, make sure to smooth them out. I use around two separate brush dips per switch: one dip for bottom housing (mainly just slider legs, or the part that guides the stem into the housing if my terminology is incorrect) and one dip for the stem. It’s pretty easy to lube linears with 205g0, and I highly recommend it– you can lube pretty much the entirety of the stem with no punishment unless you overlube. Bright lighting is huge with Krytox– you should see a consistent, glossy coat with very little color. If you see color, chances are you’re overdoing it.

Also, remember that lubing is all preference: you might choose not to lube springs or top housing. I’m convinced lubing springs with oil is literally just placebo effect, so I don’t do it. Use grease. I also don’t usually lube the top housings with Krytox, because I haven’t been able to find results.

Lastly: Pixel is entirely correct. Dialectric grease is my favorite for stabs but it’s kinda gross to work with lol. Definitely guts the rattle on stabs.


To you aswell, thanks for the really helpful reply! I will watch out for it.

Make sure your slider is shiny with lube, but you can’t see any of the lube’s white color. That’s a general good starting point - the key is to start with a couple of switches and lube them different amounts so you can get a feel for them! There’s no “right way” to lube, only putting on the amount of lube that works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


I agree with all the advice given so far but I want to reiterate and emphasize @Lesbian statement, set aside a few switches, lube them, decide which is best for you, and then practice a few times until you can achieve that feel consistently. You can always clean the lube from the switches that didn’t make the cut.