Lubing NK Box Royal switches

I didn’t really find any good bit of info on lubing these box switches. I got in the mail today, 50 NK Box Royal switches that I’m using for my Rev6 Planck. They sounded quite scratchy and unappealing. After a lube, these switches have become one of all time favorites! Here’s what I did:

  • Disassembled using a pair of angled tweezers
  • Bag lubed the springs with Team Sky ceramic bike chain lube
  • Lubed the bottom housing, stem, and top housing where the sliders contact, with Krytox 205g0

I have been using these for last couple hours and they are just a dream to type on. If you would like pics or more details on this, let me know and I will try to add it here in this thread. Just wanted to share the success I had with these awesome switches.



Hey! Sorry for necro-ing this thread, but I’m super interested in this! I feel like Box Royals are my favorite tactile MX switch at the moment because of their binary tactility - but I am quite bothered by the plastic/rattly sound they develop over time. Would you be able to share a video or sound recording of these after your lubing process?


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Not OP, but I do have a little info on lubing BOX tactiles - and I’m also completely shameless about necroing a post if it means someone finds the info they were looking for. This might not be said information, but hopefully it will be helpful to someone:

I thought if I put some 205g0 on the plastic cam / pusher thing between the contacts and the stem that it would silence the occasional click sound that gets less occasional over time… what it actually did was make the sound happen all the time while also making the switch nice and smooth.

It’s nowhere near as loud as any purpose-made clicky switch, but it clicks. The good part is that while it’s a click, it’s not a rattle - just one, clean, crisp sound for each time the stem brushes that cam. So - while lubing those parts doesn’t silence them, it does make them more consistent in a couple of ways - so do with that what you will.


That’s very interesting! I’ll have to do some experiments with that. I don’t think I’d mind that necessarily! I feel like it’s hard to have that strong binary tactility without at least SOME click. As long as it’s not as loud as the Box Navy/Jade click LOL.