Lumberjack PCB - Ortholinear through-hole aesthetic 60% PCB

Hi all, I wanted to share a project I’ve been working on for a few months.

This is the Lumberjack PCB, a 60% ortholinear pseudo-split layout with a Plaid style through-hole component aesthetic. It fits into a standard 60% tray mount case with a little bit of trimming of the switches over the top left and right standoffs. The picture above is of a Tofu.

More info, gerbers and build instructions can be found on Github.


This is really impressive, and I love that you made it compatible with standard 60% cases. Really inspired stuff dude.


Thanks. I’ve been finding the width of the Planck troublesome on my posture and just can’t get used to an actual two part split. I tried a full 60% grid layout but there are just too many keys and my fingers get lost, so this seemed like a nice middle ground.


Yeah I’d say you effectively solved your problem.

I had exactly the same problems with Planck, but I ended up with a 20° angle between the two parts, instead of a gap. Your solution has the advantage of fitting standard cases, so good job there.

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This is a really cool 60% ortho!

Can someone do a PCB GB? :smiley:

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Would buy! This looks amazing.

Asked this on Geekhack as well but can’t fault you for not noticing @peejeh:

Maybe I’m blind but do you mount the pcb only to the outermost standoffs? I’ve removed the middle posts on my own Tofu but with just two mounting posts I imagine you’d get some sort of seesaw / fulcrum action going.

Oh sorry must have missed that. Keebtalk notifications are infinitely superior.

But yes, the PCB is screwed to the middle two left and right standoffs and the centre standoff. The other three sit underneath switches and so the PCB/switch legs just rest on the standoffs.

Without the lower middle standoff you might well get some seesawing from the bottom row. I don’t have a case without that standoff so haven’t been able to test that. I imagine that adding foam underneath for support might help if it is an issue.

Ah, yeah I’d missed the middle mounting point.

Super nice !
I like the way you expose the components on the center of the PCB.

I’m trying to figure out if there’s enough interest for a small GB.

If you’re interesting in a PCB kit, fill out this form

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ayyy awesome! :pray:USB-C please!

this is pretty cute