M65-A replacement PCB

Just spitballing here… but my M65-A is acting really whacky. Definitely somethig wrong with the PCB. It’s had issues for a long time with static causing it to reset. I try not to use it in the drier months. But I think it’s time to rebuild.

I actually own another JC65 pcb for it, but I assume it will encounter the same issues eventually.

My first questions are:
Does a PCB with proper static protection actually exist? Can you actually protect the PCB from mild static shock? Or is it all just a gimmick?

Now, I’m fairly certain there are a lot of people out there with dead M65-As that have either shelved them, or have resorted to dremmeling the port and using a USB-C PCB. I might very well do the same.

My next question is:
What do you suppose the price would be to commision someone to design a USB-mini replacement board with static protection that fit the case?

Maybe it would be affordable if you ran 20 or more PCBs?

Anyone have feedback? Anyone have an “in” with a good PCB designer? :grimacing:


This could be a good project to work on, if there is nothing fancy needed such as lighting and so on.
Now the thing is to have the original pcb dimensions…

PCB dimensions are available as a Creative Common Share alike licence :slight_smile:

So the PCB has uniform backlight feature and underglow RGB.
Don’t see the use of the backlight as most keycaps we use have no see through legend, but the underglow may be usefull for people that bought the case with PC bottom.

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Evelien of Anykeys.eu recently made a replacement PCB for the Doro67. 40 PCBs were made in total and then sold by mykeyboard.eu for €49.

So that gives you a ballpark idea maybe and possibly someone who could be commissioned?


Definitely sounds like a worthwhile pursuit. And I’m sure with some promo on on r/mm you would find quite a few people who need one.


I’m not too much for managing a GB, but I can work on a replacement PCB design and later give it to the community as an open source design.

If the design is simple enough all components can be soldered at JLCPCB.
They offer very cheap PCB fabrication and assembly service, even for 5 PCBs the cost can be very reasonable.
For information my last PCB design was entirely soldered by them and they work like a charm.

Could send a few assembled PCBs to people here at cost if they are interested.

But beware, I’m busy man and you’ll have to wait quite a few months :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me what you think of that :wink:


Great info. Thanks. :+1:t2:

Do you think it’s possible to offer foolproof static protection on a PCB? This is a big concern, obviously.

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Foolproof is a great word, but ESD protection yes definitely.

The thing is, when you are assembling/soldering a PCB you run the risk of ESD when touching the components.
When assembled and if correctly designed, ESD protection add some protection when you are touching the case or the USB shield cable/receptacle.

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The M65-a was notorious for having static issues. I don’t know if it was just a poorly designed PCB, or the fact that the bottom is nylon, or both.

I swear it has something to do with the case because I have a JC65 in my LZ clsms, and I’ve never had a single issue. I’ve never even shocked it.


Is true that plastic are often prone to static.

whoa…a m65-a thread…did not expect to see this lol

If anyone is looking for a replacement PCB, I found that the KBD67rev2 PCB works fine with the case… with some…compromise…
one, you’re going to have to jam the usb-c through the hole until it fits…quite literally… squeeze it in there, you’re going to be scratching inside walls of the hole, but I’ve honestly forgotten about the scratches till now…also some very slight tolerance issues with the plate…but it’s not that bad.
Haven’t had any electrical problem yet, had the board over over a year and a half now.
if anyone want pics on how the USB port looks, lmk.


Sure, post pics here.

Did you have static problems with the original pcb? Was it the bootmapper or QMK version?

The main reason to look for a newly designed board was to avoid damaging the case. It’s such an interesting board. So iconic yet a bit quirky with the full nylon base (now yellowing).

Also, I’m not sure the KBDFANS pcb has any static protection.

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naw, it was like my second time desoldering using a pump and I basically borked the PCB, prob still work if I just wire switch sockets to each other…

I can’t contest whether or not the kbdfans PCB has static protection, but I will tell that I have desoldered that pcb with a hakko gun around 5 times? used different switches and such and typed on it for over a year before deciding to powdercoat the board. I’ve seen other posts on reddit where people had to Dremel their case in order to fit a PCB, but through determination and sheer will, I made it work. All in all, my experience with the board might be a unique one but hopefully, this helps.



Thanks! Great photos. Lovely board. Man, if only RAMA had dsigned that cutout 1mm wider! Ha.


I am wondering if making a PCB with micro USB instead of USB mini B would fit.
IMO micro USB is much more mechanically sturdy than USB mini.

Good news. I did, indeed, find someone we all know well in the community who appears to be interested in helping out.

No timelines or anything yet, but I’m sending my extra PCB for reference, and they have the dfx file.

Just hold tight and we’ll see where this goes.


Reference PCB is in the mail to engineer

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