Mark as read?


Seriously, where is it?
Or can it be added.

because it bothers me to see all the unread topics, but I don’t want to read all the “Hi, I’m ______” posts!


Hi @drashna, There should be a “Dismiss New” button on the right side if you filter by New.

This Discourse Tips and Tricks post should also have more information to help you change up your keebtalk experience to be a bit more tailored to you as well.


Ah. But that dismisses EVERYTHING. I was hoping for something a LOT more granular than that. :frowning:


Go to your preference and Mute the whole “Newbie intro yourself” category. That should have filtered a lot of stuff out for you.


To be honest, that was just an example.

And the issue with that still is that the solution is a sledge hammer, when I need a screwdriver.