Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Switches

The Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Switches will launch December 7 at 6 a.m. PT for $19.99. At checkout, choose a set of 20 (base price), 50 (+ $30), 70 (+ $50), 90 (+ $70), 110 (+ $80), 180 (+ $142), or 330 (+ $260) switches.

What do people think of the prices? Will you get a set?


Well, it’ll be interesting to see the HP market crash.


This was definitely an interesting turn of events. Can’t wait to see what the thoughts are when the review units are sent out.

I don’t usually spend this much on switches but seeing as we’re comparing $1 vs $5-7 I’m in for some. It’s also nice that I won’t have to buy separate stems.


I’m in for at least 110! I can’t wait. It got spicy when SuperVan came through with a close replica. But I’d rather have the OGs (backed by 27) that already have the stem that i want on it.

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In for 70 at least. I wasn’t going to pay $5+ for the pleasure but I can do $1

Never used these, but I’ve heard people talk about them (in hushed, reverent tones…) so I’m down to get some.


I’ll probably jump on these.

Well… I definitely wasn’t going to get these for 5$, neither wasn’t that much interested in the Gsus because would need to get halos as well. Even got some zealios V2. But now I am probably getting at least 70 of these :stuck_out_tongue:. Now what to put on the board, zealios or holy pandas?

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I’ll definitely be in for a good bit of these! Normally I’m not a huge fan of MD, but they definitely came through big here!


But seriously, this will make me rethink my Massdrop boycott.


Assuming that these are what they purport to be (and are the return of holy pandas), how do they compare to the most recent round of zealios?

I am curious about the switch, but I’ve never tried holy pandas, and I wasn’t in the hobby for the panda’s initial rise in popularity.

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The price of everything could always do with lowering ,and nobody would complain if you were to drop your price.
Having said that i think most people will not complain too much at the price (apart from those who paid to much for pandas and don’t wish to see their investment devalued and would therefore like to see the price much higher).And yes i will get a set.

I’m all for a HP market crash.:chart_with_downwards_trend:

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Sadly I purchased some Halo Switches on the last drop on Massdrop. :roll_eyes:

The drop is open now for anybody interested!

1$ per piece is still kind of expensive, at least compared to outemu sky`s which also have a nylon bottom housing.
Nothing mentioned about whether they are lubed. In case they are then maybe the price is not that bad.

Holy Pandas, Super Smash Bros on the switch, and new Vulfpeck album out today. Its going to be a good day.

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Going in with a few friends to hit the lowest price point after the hype the price should drop down.
Hopefully I don’t get wrecked by Massdrop like a few drops in the past.

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The conversation for the drop got juicy in MD discussion section. I do like that Keebtalk generally seems to be pretty calm.

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