Massdrop x Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Switches


An invitation for more spiciness?
I’ll just leave this here.
Hope it turns out well though.


Going with 180 Holy Pandas and, if Gsus drops to around $0.70 ($0.60 for switch + $0.10 for fast arrival), 140 Gsus for Halo stems I already have. Given signs of other ongoing switch development activities, 330 option seemed tad much.


Spicy indeed. I’m in the drop. Bottom line for me is I’ve been waiting for Holy Pandas for a year.

If it turns out they’re the same and I didn’t join because of speculation, I’d be bummed I didn’t join.

If it turns out they’re not the same and I did join, oh well. That’d be disappointing, but live and learn and then move on with my life.

Those are just my feels, and I get other people feel differently.


I agree, I went in for 180 of them. Considering they are saying this is a one time drop (although I doubt that’ll stay true) & this is from the original creators of Pandas I can easily get behind this drop. Will be disappointed if they turn out different than the originals, but I already got my HP fix on the board I built with V1 Zealios that have Outemu Sky actuation leaves swapped in them. Actually I’m kinda worried HPs are gonna be a let down because how smooth the Zealio combo I did is.


Backed it for 50. Need to make a hotswappable pcb for the handwired 40% layout I usually use as I don’t have the heart to solder these into anything.


Going in for 110, also still sticking with the 110 gsus switches I’ve already ordered so I can do some comparing.


will be grabbing 330 here I think


Went for the 180 option. They better be good.


I am going in on both drops. Maybe put them on the same board and have them coexist together in harmony.


i’m pretty sure the original panda molds are in a quantum superposition of broken and in fully working order and Mech27 hasn’t actually looked at them yet