Matt3o MT3 Tolkien Keycaps (live!)

These are awesome, but you have to admit they’d be something

would have on his keyboard.

Bart or Marge or somebody would try to search the comic book library computer, and be like “what’s this supposed to be” and he’d be like “dear sir, that is my MT3 Elvish keycap set in PBT plastic as protection against my greasy fingers. It’s limited edition, group-buy only, and I would ask you not to touch it unless you are performing a search.”

“But I can’t read Elvish!”

“Not my problem.” Gestures to other terminal computer “There is a Dwarvish keeb over here if that is your preference.”


I’m totally here for the Dwarvish one! #PBTGang


Is anyone getting the artisan SA R1?

I’m definitely getting the new elven set. Gonna put it on this bad boy

Excuse the cat hair. My friggin cat is shedding like crazy this morning.

I’m thinking the dwarvish set would look amazing on the upcoming Protozoa studio foundation case in wrinkle gray.


That’s beautiful :astonished: Where did you get the case from?

I got it from here recently:

extremely pricey, but a beautiful product. Probably too much for a tray mount case, but he’s working on adding some gasket material for the next round. Maybe something like the new wooden tofu case with orings on the standoffs.

Speaking of, the Elven caps would look outstanding on that case too. And I bet it feels good with the center post removed.

That one is very much worth the prcie :slight_smile:

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