I almost never create any threads, but I think I’ve been struggling with this one enough; I’m putting it all in for one board, no more “when this arrives it’ll be complete”. Without having a daily driver for over 2 months, I think I’d be willing to keep it into the 200-250 territory without keycaps.

Looking for primarily a TKL, but a 60% will do. I’m willing to look into any options, GB’s and Preorders not prefered but definitely available.

While this thread continues, I’ll add more information on the more picky stuff.

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Are you asking for suggestions on boards and switches in the 200-250 range? Do you have anything in mind at the moment?

Yes, but mostly boards. I had my eyes on the Ciel for a bit, but that’s about as far as I got.

The DevastatingTKL in PC and the Obliterated75 in PC are both on sale for close to your budget (both are B-Stock and down to 3 or 4 color options in stock). The Brutal60 is also close to that price range. Maybe the NK87? I don’t have much advice, but do you have any other preferences? Hotswap or soldered, wired or wireless/bt, big bezels or not, etc…


I dunno, they do look pretty nice. I know for sure it’s medium/little bezels, and wired, and HS/Solder is 50/50. I really do like the permanence of solder, but it’s solder.


I guess aluminium/alloy or plastic/PC would also be a determining factor as well. MillMax/Holtite can also help broaden your options if you find a solder-only kit but want hotswappability.

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I see. PC seem to go well with everything, but I’d have to see what’s out there before choosing it.

Also something else to add to the thread, gummy o-ring seems to be very fun to type on and really appealing right now. PC/Aluminum + Gummy O-ring and I’m set.

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Have you checked out FreeBird TKL?


That is tough to beat, definitely ticks a lot of boxes! 4 plate materials to choose from, and Durock v2 stabs included.

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Ah yes, the FBTKL. I’ve been looking at it for some time, and definitely a viable option if there isn’t something else. I was looking for something lesser-known to the main stream because keyboards are mostly made by groups of people, and think it’s a great time to experience that.

PC seems to be pretty nice, but the weight without something like a weight would be slightly underwhelming. (Referring in general, the FBTKl doesn’t have a PC option.)

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The keychron q3 could be a good choice - i am considering getting it since it is pretty affordable and has a knob.

Yup, its $170. Pretty damn good for a tkl.

The FreeBird TKL looks hard to beat at that price and for what you’re looking for in a board.

There’s a thread somewhere on Keebtalk about converting a Klippe into a gummy o-ring, and a Klippe would be easily acquirable and in your budget range.

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Yeah, I agree it’s one of my top considerations. I’m still very fond of the Ciel, and think I’ll consider some more before deciding.

Anybody else got any 60%'s that are interesting?

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A brutal60, simpler60 and spectacle keeb are all the 60’s that i know of and like enough that i would buy (if i could).

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I looked into the spectacle for a bit, but the side profile seems a bit much.

Something I don’t like about FBTKl is also the side profile, I prefer something like the bakeneko; rounded and without any sharp edges.

Okay, I’ve looked into some options are here are them so far:

FreeBird TKL: 240 shipped

Ciel: 200-250 aftermarket

1/1 Manufactured Bakeneko: $180+?

Milan by Maker Keyboards: 249 + 26 dollar shipping… interesting.

Scarlet: Also from maker keyboards. Seems like a FBTKL but with a better side profile IMO, but 26 dollar shipping…

Anybody bought from Maker Keyboards? They seem to have a treasure trove of what I’m looking to buy.

I’ve bought the Maker Scarlet, and it’s very nice! The downsides are that the o-ring mount is pretty tight, so it’s not as “bouncy” (as some people describe) as say Cannonkey bakeneo65. I think it’s the tolerance betweent the board and the case, but the Scarlet is still great. Unfortunately, it might be the high end of your buget, and the Milan isn’t available right now. The other thing to know when ordering from Maker is that he’s a small shop, and takes his time with QC, so if you get in on a GB, it will be longer than you’d probably expect. If you can get in on an extra (which happens time-to-time), that can be circumvented, just don’t expect ultra fast fulfillment.

I think maybe the Q3 will be good for a mid range build? I’ve got the Q1 and Q2, and the Q2 is pretty great, so the Q3 should be good! It’s got nice gaskets, and a daughterboard.

If you’re looking for a white board, and specifically want a brass or PC plate, another option is the ID87 Bestype, it’s got a brass weight and the finish is nice, but the silicon gaskets dont’ really have a lot of compression, so it feels firm.

The FreebirdTKL probably will be the winner in features, although the USB-C is integrated to the PCB, so the cutout is larger (to account for PCB movement), and on the right, which is the only thing negative i can say about it (based on the specs)

TLDR, I’d say do a Keychron Q3 if you want it sooner, Freebird TKL if you’re willing to wait till late q3 or q4!

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1/1 Manufactured Bakeneko : $180+?

I’ve been wanting a custom Bakaneko pretty badly the last few days. I’m actually currently on a search for a Ciel at a decent price but also very interested in possibly putting up some good money to get a custom one manufactured. Thanks for linking this though. Are you seriously considering getting a 1/1 created for yourself? If so, please keep us in the loop! Would be interested in the process.

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I’ve owned a lot of keyboards over the years and I have to say that my Ciel is my favorite out of all of them. I would 100% recommend trying to get your hands on one. I currently have mine set up with a carbon fiber half plate, waffling60 PCB and a 40a o-ring and it’s such a joy to use.