Mistakes you make that make you facepalm

I thought you meant “left it in the trunk”… Oh damn.


Just put in some rice. :+1:

{I’m helping}


-has stab housing the correct orientation
-looks away for a fraction of a second
-installs on wire the wrong way


Soldering all hotswap sockets … reversed :smiley:
And to later have to file them all to be able to insert the switches…


Didn’t think this was an option.
Adding it to my repertoire of emergency (cough…janky) fix solutions.

Wanted to cut a plate but decided that I wanted to solder first… Now a stab won’t work because of the little metal bits that flew into the housing.

Pains me that it’s the Backspace key that won’t work. At this rate, I could make an entire list the Backspace key screwed me over :< Maybe “Enter” or “Spacebar” would have been a better name

  1. Missing Backspace key

  2. Backspace stab not working

  3. Ciel full BS no work, using split BS

  4. Accidentally cut off a diode on the backspace, had to do some black magic to fix


I did something like that a while back; I think some portion of the case needed a little shaving down or something and I ended up with metal dust inside four or five switches that are now doomed to eternal sandiness. I desoldered and replaced them. :stuck_out_tongue:


I worked for a call center that also handled support calls for a specific manufacturers phone a few years ago. I had once or twice calls from customers wanting replacements for shattered phones like this. Angrily claiming that it only fell “from the table onto a soft carpet”, and that expensive phones should be constructed much more reliable, and similar stuff.


I repair a bunch of computers and point of sale systems for HP and their clients. I just replaced the SSD in one and I have to reinstall windows so i can test the printer port on a new base for the pos system. Everything turned on except the screen. so i unplugged the connectivity cable and reseated it and no dice. I try everything I can on the outside of the unit and then I finally reopen the main part of it. Guess who forgot to plug in the internal cable to power and display stuff on the screen…


Does it count if it’s not my mistake? (Don’t worry, I’ve made countless myself, but none of them close to the one I’m going to talk about):

There was this guy selling a Realforce 108UG JS HiPro, one of the rarest and most wanted Topre keyboards out there, which normally go for around 250k yen (~1800€) and he accidentally listed it for 25k (~180€)

I can only feel bad for the guy, but the one who snagged it had the luck of a lottery winner.


Not a keyboard thing but man, :person_facepalming:

Trying to hang up a jewelry cabinet in the closet for my wife. Got it all planned, started the first nail (this was about 7 inches from a corner), and I hit something. Feels like a stud facing the other way because it’s hard but I feel it flex a bit. I hit it hard to drive it in and I see the light in the closet flicker very faintly.

Oh snap!

I pull the nail out and ponder my options. Was it a random coincidence? Did I imagine it?

Now I have to worry that I’ve put a nail through a power line. And every time I’m trying to sleep at night or go on vacation I’m going to imagine my house burning down.

So I got a utility knife and carefully cut a square patch to inspect what was going on.

It was a stud. No wire. Can see right where the nail was just barely in the stud.

So now there’s a 1.5x1.5inch hole in the closet wall. God news is that the cabinet hides it.

Gonna be funny when someone moves that one day.



The term is “normal software development process”.



Every project. Every time. :sweat_smile:

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Ohhhhhh, rip… :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Thinking vaseline would do as a stabiliser lube, instead of those expensive lubricants. This left me with a space bar unwilling to raise up again.

However, I solved this issue (literally) with tiny amounts of white spirit (terpentine) on a cotton swap. This corrective “technique” allows one to tether the amount of viscosity to the point of perfection.

Nonetheless, I learned my lesson and I finally ordered some expensive KRYTOX® XHT-BDZ for my upcoming builds.


Vaseline is petroleum based, so it’s a bad idea for use on plastics in general. It may take a very long time to eat any significant amount of material though, since almost all of the volatiles are removed during production.


The various keyboard/industrial lubes seem a lot more expensive than they are in practice. I’ve lubed 10 keyboards-worth of stabilizers from one 5 mL jar of Krytox 205g0 and it looks like I haven’t used any lube at all. Unless you’re lubing 1000 switches, this stuff lasts a long time.

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Corsa hotswap PCB. Small connector for screen on the back. Bent a pin. Tried to fix it very carefully, but the pin just fell right the fuck off. No more screen fun for me unless I buy a solder PCB. :man_facepalming:

I feel your pain.

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