Mix switch lot numbers


as I’ve posted in What did you get in the mail today? - #6540 by fuzzynine I’ve gotten different batches of the switches because The Key Co wanted to let me know of this for quality control.

Would you mix batches if the same switch or try to reorder probably?


As I’ve feel substancial differences between the batches which I believe could be mitigated to some extend with lubing I’ll put them all in one board not caring and ultimately mixing them up.
What will be left is a bit of unease in the back of my head that there are quality differences between them. Not remembering which one is which.

I believe if we order switches from other producers lots and batches will already have been mixed since no one is willing to tell us. So we should be ok with this. But the pure knowledge is what might us drive crazy.

How do you think about mixing different lots of the same switch, if you know that you have them?


Batch mixing only bothers me if I know and feel that there is a difference between batches.

If the difference is addressable with lube, then it doesn’t bother me to mix them post lube.

This can vary from person to person of course since many will want to only lube the better batch of switches and only use those for their better builds to know they got the highest quality they could have possibly gotten.


I have the same conundrum with my Marshmallows; I like Huey’s idea of smoothing-over the gap with lube where applicable. At least with those, they feel close enough that a little tuning should put them more or less in-line.

I think I first noticed this with some Cherry blues pre-installed in a Turtle Beach Impact 500 (think Wally-World Filco and you won’t be far off); I noticed they didn’t feel quite the same as my actual Filco with Cherry Blues - and when I looked at them I noticed they didn’t all have the same Cherry logo;

Some had this one:

And some had this one:

I’m going to take a guess they were all b-stock and probably varied in age by a wide margin.

I definitely feel that impulse… only years of practiced denial have made it easy to push aside and move on from. Ha!

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I’ll try that. Thank you so much for the advice.

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