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Hi all! Jaicob from Mode here. I wanted to take a moment to share our latest offering, the SixtyFive, with the KeebTalk community.

The SixtyFive is a natural evolution of the ideas we explored with our first product, the Eighty. This time around, we’re taking everything we’ve learned and packaging it into a 65% form factor. A guiding principle of the SixtyFive is personalization – not only in regards to the exterior design but also the mounting style and plate materials. To further improve the personalization process, we've introduced a dedicated configurator tool to help you build the exact board you have in mind.

The configurator allows you to mix and match color and material options for each element of the keyboard. A render of your unique spec is generated in real-time and can be visualized from multiple angles and in different environments.

The configurator will continue to be updated with more information as we approach the preorder start date. You can try it out here.


With the Eighty, we introduced the “stack mount” which provided a balanced typing feel, afforded solid acoustics, and reduced the number of parts needed for assembly. The SixtyFive architecture gives you the choice of three mounting styles that range in flex and acoustics.

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  • Top Mount - The plate is fastened directly into the top case, leaving space between the bottom of the PCB and the case for flex and more open acoustics.
  • Isolated Top Mount - Soft silicone caps are slid over the plate tabs and fastened to the top case, isolating the plate material from the metal top case while still leaving room between the PCB and case.
  • Stack Mount - The silicone base is fastened to the bottom case and fills the space beneath the PCB for maximum acoustic dampening and a firm but not unforgiving typing feel.


The SixtyFive carries over the interlocking front lip design of the Eighty and uses four fasteners along the rear edge of the board to hold the top and bottom halves of the case together. The fasteners are covered by a decorative backpiece which clasps magnetically to the case. The backpiece is visible from the top of the board and will be available in a variety of finishes and materials such as brass, and copper to add another dimension of customization to your board.


When we launched Mode we had not anticipated the amount of interest and support we received from folks outside the US, and with the SixtyFive we will be adding ISO support for both solderable and hotswap PCBs. The diagram below shows each of the supported layouts.


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  • Three plate layouts will be offered; ANSI full-plate, ANSI half-plate, and a universal plate that supports both ANSI and ISO layouts.
  • The plate design for the Eighty featured large cutouts so that stabilizers could be modified without desoldering. The SixtyFive plates will still allow easy stabilizer access but the size of the cutouts has been reduced. The extra material we've added means that switches of stabilized keys can snap into the plate. Stabilizers can be removed by removing just the one stabilized switch.
  • Threaded standoffs are now components on the hotswap PCBs, so all plate materials can be used with them.


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  • Possibility for flexible builds with top mount, PCB flex cuts and half plates.
  • Improved daughterboard cables to make assembly and disassembly easier.
  • New material options including brass, polycarbonate and titanium.
  • Improved fit for larger keycap profiles i.e. SA/MT3
  • Utilizes SKUF spec for feet and continues the use of C3 Unified Daughterboard.


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  • Size: 65%
  • Weight: 2-4lbs/1-2kg unassembled, depending on material choices
  • Typing angle: 5.5 degrees
  • Front height: 19mm
  • PCB: Hotswap and Solderable, QMK/VIA design work courtesy of Gondo
  • ISO support: Yes
  • Mounting: Top Mount, Isolated Top Mount, Stack Mount
  • Connector: Centered USB Type-C


The SixtyFive starts at $299 USD with standard options. Using the configurator, you will be able to specify each of the components in your ideal SixtyFive. This encompasses everything in the keyboard from the top case, bottom case, and backpiece to the plate, PCB, and internal silicone parts. Extras will be available in addition to your primary SixtyFive configuration. Pricing is as follows

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Part Material

Option Cost

Top Anodized Aluminum

No Cost Option

Top Electrophoresis-coated Aluminum


Top Polycarbonate


Bottom Anodized Aluminum

No Cost Option

Bottom Electrophoresis-coated Aluminum


Bottom Polycarbonate


Bottom Brass


Bottom Copper


Bottom PVD-coated Brass


Backpiece Anodized Aluminum

No Cost Option

Backpiece Electrophoresis-coated Aluminum


Backpiece Brass


Backpiece Copper


Backpiece PVD-coated Brass


Backpiece Titanium


Plate FR4, POM

No Cost Option

Plate Anodized Aluminum


Plate Carbon Fiber


Plate Brass


Plate Copper


Plate PVD-coated Brass


PCB Solderable

No Cost Option

PCB Hotswap


Silicone Feet Black, Yellow, Grey

No Cost Option

Silicone Plate Caps Black, Yellow, Grey

No Cost Option

Silicone Base Black, Yellow, Gray



Pre-orders for the SixtyFive will open on Friday, June 18th at 10AM PT. Review units will be in the hands of content creators starting from when the pre-order opens, with content rolling out on launch day and throughout the subsequent weeks.The pre-order will be unlimited in quantity. Additionally, the pre-order window will stay open for at least one month.

We have done our best to estimate the number of each SixtyFive variants to manufacture. However, if demand for certain parts is higher than anticipated, later orders may ship out in a second batch (around early November). If this happens it will be made clear on the website.

Estimated Shipping Dates

Accelerated Fulfillment - early August (available for orders placed before July 1st)
What is accelerated fulfillment? Read more in our pricing/availability update.

Standard Fulfillment - early October

Second Batch - early November

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for sharing on Keebtalk! I’ve been following on discord up until now. The website configurator is so helpful and well done. I’m planning to order one on launch day!

I know it’s probably boring but I think I’m going to go with a white top, black back, and black bottom. Looks really nice to me.


Question on the PCB; does it have RGB or is it RGB capable?

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This looks really dope! The only feedback I would provide is that the “stacked mount” seems confusing. Seems like it is basically top mount or isolation top mount, but with a dampener… So why give it a name that sounds like a brand new mounting style?

I get it, marketing. However as a consumer, it just adds confusion to me. I wish Mode (and every other vendor) would move away from this practice.


Sounds like a clean config! What keycap set are you planning to complete the build with? :slight_smile:

Here’s the official word on RGB support from our co-founder and designer –

“The PCB does not have RGB built in, but we did choose to expose the unused pins on the microcontroller through headers on the bottom edge of the PCB. We’re using QMK, so with some handwiring and a little bit of additional firmware development a variety of other functions could be added”

Ah, this is actually an error in the explanation diagram!

If you choose to use stack mount, the PCB/plate assembly will actually be held in place by the silicone dampener (without needing the top-mounting points).


Oh nice! Thank you for the clarification, that is a lot more intriguing :eyes:

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I suppose this is as good a time as any to mention that I’m now working with the Mode team and that I am more than happy to help answer questions about the SixtyFive (or Mode’s other products) here on KeebTalk! :slight_smile:


I remember! Initially, I thought you were the one that posted this. :smiley:

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Am I reading it right, or does the hotswap PCB also support stepped CapsLock? :astonished:

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If the strong aftermarket of the Mode80 is any indication this is like a zero-risk group buy. You should be able to flip it instantly upon receiving it.

The hotswap PCB does indeed support stepped Caps Lock!


Thanks for confirming! Agonized for probably two days over the aesthetic options, but finally put in my order :sweat_smile:

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No problem! Which config did you end up going with? :slight_smile:

Decided on white top and bottom with gold mirror backpiece. I think that’ll go well with all kinds of keycaps and also look nice in most any desktop setup.

Also getting the silicon base to try out this stack mount configuration. Now to patiently wait until at least December :grinning:


I am still agonizing… !

I think i figured out the main colors for the mode 65 I plan on getting, now its just which back should I go with >.> I’m getting the full Lilac case but I’m indecisive on either the mirrored gold or black


Ooh both those combo looks good! The multi titanium back would also go well with a full lilac…unless that’s too much purple!

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Me too! We still have time though. Right now I like the following combinations:

Blue-Gray top, black bottom, black mirror back piece.
Blue, copper, copper.
White, blue, gold mirror.
Maroon, brass, brass.