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Hi friends,

My friend clued me into this monitor which is kinda running through a preorder system which I thought was pretty awesome an interesting

and made me think what monitors do people in the Keebtalk community rock?

I’m currently running with a 27" 60hz 1080p UW monitor on the bottom, and a dell 24" 60hz 4k monitor (1080p when gaming) right on top of it. When I upgrade my graphics card I’ll be able to put back my third monitor which is a nondescript 1080p monitor I have vertically for discord and forum stuff.

That spectrum monitor has got me thinkin’ about an upgrade since I still haven’t experienced life past 60hz yet on my computer hehe.


Holy hell, that’s got a really great price for all the features and specs. I’ve been running with a Dell P2415Q for a grip now, and while it’s nice to have 4K I’ve found its actual color reproduction/gamut to be a bit lacking. This could be a great replacement/supplement to that imo

Incredible price for everything it offers. I will say one thing though– once you go above 60hz, you cannot go back. I’ve owned a 144hz (155hz OC) monitor for a couple months now and whenever I see 60hz I’m all, “wow, this looks laggy.” 1440p 144hz is the sweetspot for games and general use I feel.

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At work I use almost exclusively Eizo monitors, and at home a AW3420DW because it seems to have a good balance of color accuracy and gaming stuff


That’s one heck of a screen. I didn’t need a new monitor…

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Curious as to how that Alienware stacks up for color accuracy in editing. I am a photographer and use a ASUS ROG Swift P279Q because I needed that G A M I N G feature list, looking for another monitor that is a bit better with color though.

I’m running an Alieware 34" (1440p, 120Hz). I love ultrawides

I’m using an Asus MX27UC. Pretty happy with it, but if has no height adjustment.

Those USB ports are going to be a pita to reach. I picked up an LG 27GL850-B 27" QHD IPS monitor with FreeSync after my Dell 2407WFP gave up the ghost 10 years running. I really like how Rtings lays it all out and reviews the monitors. Check it out:


I’ve got 2x LG 27UD68-W (27in, 4k, IPS, freesync, small bezel) mounted on arms, they checked all my boxes and work great for me. I kinda played the lottery with buying them cheap, I got the first one refurbished when I was in college, and the second one “lightly used” on ebay, and both were completely fine, no dead pixels or bad bleed or anything.

Currently using an Acer Predator 27 (XB271HU). 165 Hz and a great resolution. Perfect for gaming and coding.

I kinda did some digging into Eve and it doesn’t look so good. Now I am kinda sad because of the specs of these monitors have for that price. I would have gladly upgrade my gaming tn panel or finally have matching monitors.

I use a Eizo cg2420 60hz IPS for photography work and an Asus pg248q 144hz TN when I used to game.

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Alienware AW3418DW
34.1" 1440p Ultrawide IPS
120Hz, G-Sync, Curved, LED

(x2) ASUS ProArt PA248Q
24-Inch 1920 X 1200p (16:10) IPS
60Hz, LED

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I have a color calibrated Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor: U3818DW. I do a lot of photo editing and sysadmin type stuff. Dell has a decent monitor app that let you arrange grids that your windows can snap to. No time for gaming right meow but SWTOR did look amazing on an ultra wide.

Can you elaborate what you mean that after digging into Eve “it doesn’t look so good”? I’m curious to hear what you found. Thanks.

One thing to consider, if your going to be gaming, is if you can stay in the g-sync / freesync threshold and if you can maintain a high frame rate. I primarily play FPS style games, so I am still running a LG 34uc89g-b 2560x1080 144/166Hz with a GTX 1080Ti and if a built in frame rate limiter is available in game, I limit the fps to 143.

I’d definitely like to hear about what you’ve found? All I know is this is their second kickstarter/preorder style run of a product. The first was a laptop.

I don’t even know so much about eve, but I would be a bit worried about the panels they’re getting to hit those pricepoints. The only one I looked into was the 4k, as that would be what might interest me, but monitors that hit similar pricepoints with similar features (still more expensive) basically all had reviews that said “light bleed” “light bleed” “light bleed”. Maybe they’re taking a much smaller margin than their competition, but I worry when they are going to have a much smaller volume than say a dell or asus and are also cheaper; when something sounds too good to be true a lot of the time it is. You gotta remember though, I’m just some guy on the internet, maybe they will be awesome. iirc the tablet was pretty decent?

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Doesn’t hardware implemented G-Sync cover its entire refresh range? I know Freesync does not and can be a very limited window on some monitors. You don’t have to cap your frame rate if you have Nvidia Fastsync enabled – you’ll get no tearing when going over the G-Sync range and even less input latency.

Fastsync is nice in concept, but IIRC, you need to be able to stay above the monitor’s refresh rate, by either having a lower refresh rate panel, running lower settings, or having powerful enough hardware. All of which have their own disadvantages. along with possible micro stuttering from the game running at such a high frame rate.

Hard ware g-sync is dependent on how it was implemented. for example, the g-sync range on my monitor is 35Hz to 144Hz / 166Hz if overclocked.

For me, G-sync / freesync is necessary these days. I had actually quit playing video games, prior to getting a g-sync setup, because the micro stuttering and screen taring was making me nauseous.

Edit: Battle(non)sense, on youtube, has some good videos the different screen syncing technologies.