Morgrie board on zfrontier

Okay, it’s kinda cool. Reminds me of the rama instrument board renders (except HHKB and not ortho)


It’s an interesting looking thing, but the GK64-style stagger on the keys is a no from me.

I might overlook the layout for the unique design, switches, and keycaps. But how in the heck could they sell it for $119? That’s an amazing price for what they are picturing.

I’ve been really tempted to pick one up at that price but the lack of programmability is a non-starter for me. I can’t do arrow keys as WASD. If I could move those around, I’d pull the trigger.

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I’m in for one for my office, I’m curious to see how it turns out

I love the aesthetic of it. What’s the verdict of the choc switches though? I’m also concerned about how well the wireless would work.

My understanding is that the “clicky” version is the best version of the three due to the click bar mechanism that’s used to achieve the click and tactility. The other two are fairly lackluster from a feel standpoint.

That said, I’d still like to try the “brown” version because the click bar is a little grating on my ears after a while.

I’ve never used any of them, I went for the brown one since my plan is to use it in the office and I don’t want the guy at the desk next to me to hate me.

Not sure I could deal with the layout, but it is very interesting looking. Am I right that it’s got a cerakote finish? Impressive for the price.

The brown is a terrible switch. The burnt orange is less lackluster but still hard to feel the tactile event. I don’t mind clicky switches but the Choc White and Choc Jade are the best switches by far – the linears are okay but the short travel makes them feel meh.

This layout is terrible and I thought that it wasn’t programmable. I like the price, but not being ortho and being HHKB is two counts against it that cause me to skip.

I bought one just because I was curious about it and I needed a travel board. Wonder what they mean by a “ceramic finish”.Also zfrontier said preorder would end by March but its already May so thats weird.

Wow, that looks amazing! I really like that it’s truly “low profile” and I like the aesthetics overall. And that price is…tempting. I don’t need another board, of course.

I picked one up as i think it makes the perfekt mobile work board. When im just hacking emails i dont need the programmability tbh.

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The fact the board is not programmable is what really got me on the fence. I’m not a huge fan of the HHKB layout, but I can make it work for me if the board is programmable. Although you do make a good point, if I use it just for pumping out emails & BSing on forums programmability is much less of an issue. Still though not being able to program it definitely puts a big dent in me wanting to buy it. Gonna have to think about this one, I really want a board that uses Kaihl Choc switches not sure if this will be it for me or not though… :thinking:

I will post when it arrives maybe we can open this baby up and put a qmk flashed usb c hub in there. Just because it doesnt come programable doesnt mean it has to stay that way :grin:



Also really curious to see what you think about the overall build quality

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Yea it seems to promise incredible value. Im hopefull as my experience with zfrontier was always positive

Morgrie RIE Low-Profile
Delayed. Kailh delayed the fulfillment for Morgrie’s low profile switch order, which should have been done in early June. Morgrie received the switches last week and is now assembling the keyboards. Expecting fulfillment in mid to late July.

I tried low profile Kailh switches before. The switches themselves were okay. But what turned me off was the lack of compatible keycap offerings. I wish zFrontier would offer the keycaps separately.

I think we need more products like this to create a wider low pro user base before keysets become viable as standalone products.

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