Most Inxpensive 60% PCB

I’m trying to find the most inexpensive QMK pcb for a 60% build stateside. Have looked at kbdfans and it’s only $38 USD but after shipping, cost will approach $50. Just curious if anyone is aware of any other options out there. Thank you guys.


If you’re in the US Techkeys has the good old GH60 PCBs in stock for $35 with free domestic shipping.


XD60 R3 is awesome, has underglow, and is QMK, does not support full Tsangan. It does support HHKB.

1up also carries PCBs but the ANSI and solder boards are out of stock now. Only the hot swap is available.

Or of you are patient snag one of these from Aliexpress. The black ones support QMK:

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Also, carries KBDfans and has free shipping. They are in Tennessee.


Wireless or wired? Which one do you want?

I am looking for a wired option.

until very recently, the cheapest option was a FB60 from keebsforall. it was 15 dollars plus shipping for multilayer hotswap. they’ve discontinued it but a new version is coming very soon so i reccomend you keep an eye out for it.

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