MT3 Retro -- It's happening, boys and girls!

Of course the photo is not MT3, but I had to get your attention :slight_smile:

No ETA, but it’s in the works!


Oh man, now that C64 inspired 60% case really needs to happen!


Yes!!! Let’s goooooooo

Any chance of a mods kit the same color as the alphas?

And maybe a smaller Commodore logo?

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it’s so obvious yet took so long to materialise! I’m beyond hyped for this set LOL

EDIT: CONFIRMED by the man himself to be ABS doubleshot WITH front PETSCII legends


Today my heart is filled with joy!

Double shot ABS piqued my interest for sure. Not sure that I’m confident that the required molds can be made for the proposed legends – look at what happened with MT3 3277. If all goes smoothly, I’m in.

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The PETSCII legends will be pad printed on the front of the MT3 keycaps as they were on the original C64, so there shouldn’t be any issues with the double-shot molds. They will likely use the standard molds and perhaps add a few retro keys (Shift Lock, Restore, etc.)


Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification. That helps assuage some fears.

C64 had at minimum 2.5 keyboard colorwavys for keys, likely some more. I wonder if matt3o will cover more than one.

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Any chance for an OG layout kit for people who might be looking to mod/replace a real C64’s keyboard with mechanical switches?


You should comment on his blog that I linked to. Might get an answer there.

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I don’t think it’s likely just because they’ll be using existing tooling, which doesn’t have some of those keys.

I have seen something that’s meant to adapt the original keys to Cherry switches for the purposes of modernizing the board; I’m wanting to say it’s a kit but I can’t remember if you supply your own case or not. The switches are way down in there, and these long-ish adapter things sit between them and the OG breadbin keys.

Yes there is currently no 2u Enter (although maybe one of the numpad 2u keys are the right profile rotated 90 degrees), no 9u spacebar, and no 1.5u R1 and R3 for the function column.

That is the main barrier, though I would buy such a kit in a heartbeat.

You probably mean the Mechboard64. There’s been a small group buy years ago, and I think the project has been open sourced since, so you can get the files for the metal bracket (plate) and PCB and make them yourself.

Like you say, it’s meant to be used with the OG keys by using 3D printed adapters.

It cannot be used with modern keysets because the 1.5u keys on the C64 have off-center stems, so the plate / PCB layout is wrong.

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I still don’t understand everyone’s affection for this set, but knowing it, I am very glad for you all.

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Since I never had a computer in the c64 times (too expensive), it represents the wonder and awe I had for the endless possibilites a home computer could bring. I did get to use the educator 64 with the same keycaps in school at one point. Computers like the 64 were fascinating to me and really gave me hope for the future. I suppose it’s really for sentimental reason that I like the set.


The MT3 set is now available for preorder. I, like others, am disappointed in Drop’s decision to only include red modifiers.

Apparently Matt3o also wanted brown mods. The best way to get brown mods is to have a lot of people buy this current set.

Yes, it’s that stupid. Drop has no desire to provide the community with what they want. The only desire is to make money. It’s sad, but 100% true.

So, if you want brown modifiers, or perhaps more ergo choices, you must buy this set with red mods. Then, if the set sells well, they might add more kits down the road.

Can read about it here:


oh dang. full brown really hits different. The red mods just seem off to me.


It’s at least heartening to see Matt3o wants those mods as well. I’ve been wanting to build a modern callback to the C64 for my dad since I got into the hobby, and the keeb Matt3o is working on to pair with Retro looks fun:

Well. I guess I know what I’m doing with my February coupon.


He said he’s collaborating with vortex for that. I guess this is related to the other vintage design they were teasing. Hope it comes this year!