My take on explaining the parts that make up a mechanical keyboard to beginners


Watched it earlier today with my coffee. Fabulous job. Great work cover everything without getting too deep. And I especially liked the ABS vs. PBT part!

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Hey @TaehaTypes, big fan. What’s your thoughts on RAMA’s heat shrink technique? I’ve always been curious why it’s not the “go to” mod.

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Excellent intro video - well produced as always. I especially liked the animations!

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I have tried this. Based on my experience, I think it is not the go to mod because it is hard to get right. I had multiple heat shrinks that were too thick. Placement also matters a lot. It is too hard to perfect.

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Nice job. Your switch animation has the spring in the hole though!

Understood. I have the same issues. Have you seen this? I ordered a bunch, I’m going to master this mod if it’s the last thing I do.

This video was great, but I had been watching Taeha for a few months now, and anyone who already was watching his stuff, probably already learned what exactly goes into keyboards by just watching the build VODs or by their own research. It is a welcome video, I did learn a thing or two, but I don’t think the Keeb stuff is complicated. I think the complicated side is being in the know of group buys and special sales on specific hardware. Thanks for all you do for the community!

You clickbaited me with the knife on keyboard preview! You let me down Taeha… LOL Nicely done transition into your animation. Great overview in 10 minutes (I especially like the ABS/PBT part)

thought the preview was a cake !