Need thoughts on my next DIY junk board or other project

So, it’s been a minute, and I’m starting to get that itch like I need to make something. I dusted off the woodshop today, but beyond a couple of honey-do items, I don’t know quite what should be next. I’ve been noodling with a few ideas though. Need some help or thoughts.

  • I’ve been wondering if I can get a “print in place” hand-wired 65% that could be 3D printed vertically along the diagonal axis of my Ender 3 clone without splitting it into two parts. Continuing my no-stabs trend, the best layout I’ve come up with is this, and it might work, but closing it down to 15u exactly would be helpful. A goal for this one is to allow sculpted profiles and avoid needing custom keycap legends. This one should work with a keycap set containing ISO stuff, a stepped CapsLock, and a few extra modifiers/novelties. The biggest oddity would be the need to use the regular CapsLock as Enter.
  • Still in the no-stabilizers vein, I was playing with this micro-1800 before I decided to go whole-hog and make a 98%.
  • Learn KiCAD. I’ve been using my TKL variations, mostly the first one a lot, and I think by removing that split LShift, it is a fun and low-mental-maintenance tweak on a well-worn classic. It might be kind of fun to take a design I know to be usable (for me at least) and dip my toes into PCB design. I think I could build these and give them away as gifts without driving friends and family batty, but I can’t really rationalize more hand-wires in a layout I already have.
  • Make a wooden case for a tray-mount. I have an “LTC Neon 75” gamer board. It’s completely unremarkable 75%, except that I had resolder literally every hotswap socket after 5 or 6 of them failed after replacing the switches one time. Now it’s fine. I use it when I’m pressed for space, and it’s the one board I have a with a simple rectangular layout that wouldn’t need fancy top-plate blockers to look right. I think I have enough walnut or cherry to do some joinery and make a simple case for it.
  • Make a macropad, either normalish or build around a 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse. Would love ideas for unique but interesting macropads.
  • Make an ADB-USB converter. Would need to procure an AEK first.

I don’t know that I’m looking for any specific guidance, but thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome. The immediate project is a small one, making a semi-floating picture frame for a print my wife got me (think magnetic poster hanger, but fine-tuned to the specific print). The keyboard project will be next.