Post Your Keyboards!

Got the Aaru in today, threw together a quick build with some TX Rev.3 stabs, Aqua Kings, on the POM plate. Pretty solid feeling & sounding in this config, think I might need to force break this case though. Overall I am pretty happy with the board, the lack of layout options is the only major complaint I would have of it. At least the solder PCB will allow for tsangan bottom row & split R shift.

Edit: Oh Yeah force break helped the acoustics out a lot on this board!


I hope you don’t type the wrong thing and get the mummy’s curse


I call it Mecha King Kong—KEMOVE 1980 K98


Good looking board. The budget board space is really upping the game this year.

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Thanks, this is Kemove‘s board

Got the oak “twigs” and 3D printed access covers installed onto my hand-wired BBC Micro inspired custom tkl-ish layout, as well as adjusting the layout slightly to better fit my (lack of) typing skills. I have plates to make up to two more. Going to live with this one for a while and see what changes (beyond additional fit & finish steps) I’d make on a follow-up. I suppose I could slice off part of a plate as well and have a HHKB-inflected 60%, but I do like my arrows. The aluminum should also be soft enough to split that backspace or recombine the left shift.


What can you tell us about the keycaps? Beige legends on… burgundy? Brown?

That’s PBTfans Pyga; warm cream legends with translucent dark red caps double-shot around them. The colorway is inspired by pyrope garnet.


looks great!

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Thanks! Those are some attractive keycaps. Looks like I’ve already missed the boat on buying a set for myself.

The group buy is over, but you might consider signing up for “restock” updates - KBDfans does occasionally re-run some of their more successful colorways, and they can send you an automated email if that one ever runs again.

Fright Club on Monster Fuzz!

Instagram post:


This is my first soldered pcb build. I ordered the keyboard during the mykeyboardeu 50% off sale for 347 eur before shipping and got the keycaps during NovelKeys labor day sale for $200. The Iron180 is a nice keyboard, but I don’t think it’s worth nowhere near the retail price. This was my first time trying aluminum keycaps. I was worried about there being fitment issues, but everything turned out great. The keycaps feel and look amazing. I expected the keyboard to sound very pingy but the brass bottom combined with silent switches made it sound deep. Overall very satisfied with the build.

Iron180 Midnight Green Brass Bottom Brass Plate Tsangan
NovelKeys Aluve Keycaps
QMX Stabilizers lubed with Krytox 205g0
Lichicx Raw Silent Tactile Big Bump (Factory Lubed)


Lovely greens!


Forgot that I never posted good pics of this one:

CW88 with KNC Preference switches. 21KB caps with a DSA light cycle space bar :person_shrugging:

More photos on my Instagram:


Still absolutely in love with this board!! :heart_eyes:

(Just added a third one to my collection :person_facepalming: )

  • Mode Envoy (Green w/ copper rear weight & walnut accent)
  • GMK Olive w/ Hibi artisan and Enter
  • Parallel Pewters light tactile switches
  • Copper plate
  • Lattice mounts
  • No foam

This is my thermal it’s got ranked blank pbt from Amazon I think they’re called, Gmk relegendable, greetech black with 45g short kin, and some mkultra foam for the hhkb tofu


Nice setup. I like the photo a lot, too. Cool lighting

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Finished my Murphpad last night! First through-hole build. Very happy with it, and learned a lot.


Looks quite sci-fi!