New analog hall effect switch from Wooting: Lekker switch



The blog article is interesting. They wanted a full range hall-effect switch but didn’t want to settle with the poor QC of flaretech. Everyone else seemed to be moving too slowly, so they found a switch manuf and started their own switch, the lekker (delicious/tasty). They worked with another company to develop the sensor for their new keyboard. Their statements show that they want be known for commitment to quality and innovation. Excited to get to use one some day.


These are really cool. I’d be psyched to use these if/when we start seeing readily available PCBs with QMK support that can fit different layouts like 60% WKL, HHKB, 65%, etc. Bonus if they could be made compatible with existing cases and plates that support readily available PCBs like the GH60 or DZ60.

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It’s really interesting to see like, three different Hall Effect switches (and three analog implementations) all being worked on around the same time.

I wish them luck on the new switch but hope they don’t completely abandon the Flaretech switches. I love my Wooting One and was hoping for an updated version with USB-C and all the other improvements from the recent Wooting Two.

This is honestly one of the best write-ups from a company I’ve ever seen…