New and ready to mingle ;)


I’m Hayden, but my user name is Toady cause that was my nickname and it’s not because I look like a toad. Anyway I’m a lil new into the keyboard community. I’ve been into it for about 2 months and I’m not patient and I’m not rich so this hobby isn’t the best for me, but damn I love it!

As of right now I have a Corsair k95 platinum. Once I got it I was so happy, then I found custom keyboards and now I’m sad and have a s*** keyboard.

Anyway I hate non minimalistic boards so anything above a 65 hasn’t tickled me, and I like the split and ergo boards. Alice boards look great :heart_eyes:!
I’m into the poly carb, brass look and right now there just isn’t enough boards that I’m excited about. As of lately I’ve been wanting to try some smaller boards, 50s, 40s, ortho or not. I’m just diving right in.

I look into the past group buys and they all look so damn good, I really wish I had been there. I also have years of experience with solidworks and CAD so I’ve been wanting to design a board, any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.

Look forward to getting to know some people and hopefully work on a project! Thanks!


Greetings! I think you’ve come to the right place when it comes to crafty keeb folks.

Welcome! Alice type boards are great entry boards, if you can get past using arrow keys on a function layer. The forced split space bar of the Alice layout can make it easier to use (hold space + ijkl) for arrows. :smiley:

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That is what I am looking for!

Welcome Toady!
What about a HHKB? They’re fairly minimal and not crazy expensive like some customs.

Also, your nickname reminds me of one of my absolute favorite movie characters:


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your wallet will hate me for this, but if you like polycarb, alice inspired 40%

How often does a 40% Alice group buy happen? Once in a life time?!

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well you can pick them up on mechmarket from anywhere from 250-350 or so for one. I don’t want to promise anything but I am designing a case variant for the prime_e pcb right now…

HHKB Do look pretty snazzy. Why are they more affordable?

Interesting if you pull through I will be a loyal supporter.

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