NEW - DSS "Dolch" Keyset (launching May 29th)


I’m just surfing around and then I saw:

Dolch color way, even include ErgoDox keys and also keys for extreme layout like the Vortex Race 3 (1.5u Esc, 1.5u Delete)

You can’t go wrong with Dolch, can you?



Great find!
It would match perfectly with a black keyboard.
Not sure if I would like the textured spherical top though, I kind of appreciate SP SA smooth keycaps.


Oh man… always wanted to rock a dark colorway on my Race3, but I told myself I wasn’t gonna buy any new keysets for a while.

It even has an intl kit, oof… :confused:


I’ll definitely be picking up a set to try out the profile. I knew it was going to be dolch but I wish it was something new b/c I already have GMK and DSA dolch. I hope the profile feels good and can become a new option for custom kits!


Yuuup, we’ve been waiting for this for a year and it’s nice to see it is finally here! I’ll be in for a pretty compatible set and will probably end up making a video on this. I’m excited to see how they turn out in person.


I like the breadth of kits they’re going for. I also noticed that there weren’t any blank DSS keycaps listed elsewhere in the store - hope to see those available in the future.

I like that there’s Ergo and Ortho sets, but I really don’t like the OLKB / ErgoDox default layouts, so might wait it out in hopes of a pseudo-blanks or just plain blanks kits as part of some future keyset design. If those DSS Dolch kits don’t sell out by the end of June, then I might just take one for the team and buy them anyway - wouldn’t want SP thinking that there wasn’t demand for Ergo/Ortho DSS kits, it’s just that I’m not particularly interested in these Ergo/Ortho DSS kits…


I don’t believe I saw an ortho kit, the pro modifier kit doesn’t have a 1u Enter/Return key.


I don’t know about these caps personally. I definitely like the profile & ideal behind it, but seeing the pic of the mods with caps lock key they show the bottom of really leaves me disappointed. They look very thin for a mid height profile & the doubleshot looks like SP’s DSA or DCS style instead of their SA style. I was really hoping these would be made in the same way as SA caps, being made like DSA or DCS makes thes overpriced IMO & worries me they will not feel or sound to hot.


How interesting!


Yes they already said they would be the same thickness as DSA. Unfortunately they aren’t thick like SA. That would have been killer if they were though.


Don’t forget people, this is coming out today!


It’s live! Who’s already in it to win in? I might wait until after keycon -_-, but it might be sold out by then


Bought alphas, mods, pro mods, 7u space, and red kit


I’m glad i saw your post. When I was looking on my phone i didn’t open the dropdown and just looked at the pictures. I thought there was no 7u space.

went ahead and picked up alphas, mods, 7u, and red kit. There was maybe one key I wanted from pro mods, but didn’t want to spend the extra just for a slightly better legends XD


I’m a little bummed out on how they did the texture but I’d love to see it in person. Could just be the photos.


isn’t it just like DSA?


Waiting for the ortho kit before I commit. I’m not a huge fan of the Dolch colorway but that profile looks pretty darn comfy!


I just ordered my kit. I realized yolch is the only dolch variant I have, so it will be nice to have a set in the classic colorway.


Maybe. The photos make the texture look more pronounced than DSA but again, it could just be the photos.


We’ll see. They shipped out today.