NEW - DSS "Dolch" Keyset (launching May 29th)


Be sure to let us know what you think when you get them


I got my tracking number this morning too


The texture looks just like DSA to me, but I could be wrong.


The only SP DSA I have are alps blanks, but these look just like those to me as well.


Mine just came in and I just got them on a keyboard, here’s some pics I took on a board and compared to GMK and SP SA (I don’t have a DSA set right here to check against). The side profile actually looks pretty close to GMK to me, I’m definitely into it so far.
On the ALF X2:

Side view on board:

Side view on table:

Side view vs SA:

Side view vs GMK:

2x back view GMK vs DSS vs SP SA


Those look quite nice and go well with that board. How do they sound? And how gritty are they? I’ve got some SP DSA caps that have a sorta gritty feel to them which isn’t bad but the pics on PMK make it look grittier than their DSA stuff, which gave me pause before I bought some.


The only DSA I have are PBT black alps blanks, but they feel almost the same to me in terms of grittiness


profile looks nice, but those are some pretty rough sprue marks.


Yeah definitely a little rough on the sprue marks, but overall I’m fairly impressed by the look of DSS. The profile is much closer to GMK than I had thought it would be, also the caps look to be a good bit thicker than I thought they’d be. I’d still prefer to see the legend shot extrude a little more into the cap like SA, but these are definitely not as bad as I was imagining they’d be! I was think big DCS while these seem more like SA lite, LOL!


Got mine in today.`

I tested a shift and enter key on my novatouch and confirmed they make contact with the stabilizer housings like cherry profile caps, unfortunately. Oh well, MT3 work great on the novatouch, so I can’t complain.

I’ve been typing on the profile for an hour or so now and I think I have a good feel for it. The bottom row and zxcv row are really nice for me. The home row feels a bit different from anything I’ve ever tried. It’s more comfortable on a steeper angle case. The top two rows both feel great like a somewhat taller DSA.


Thank you so much for the comparison pics! These really help :smiley:

I haven’t committed to getting a set yet, but wowee some of those side sprue marks are really bad. Are they all on the left/east side of the keycaps? Or are there some one the north side?


1u keys have sprue marks on the bottom edge (south), and keys over 1u have them on the left (west).


Jae from TopClack just did a quick review on DSS Dolch. “Rough” surface, ouch, this is not for me then :frowning:


It’s the same surface treatment as dsa. It’s not smooth, but I wouldn’t call it rough. It’s textured.


Some images to show the DSS texture that is exactly the same as DSA. Nothing new or different about colors or legends. The profile is the only difference

Left is DSA, right is DSS. The texture appears rougher in this photo than it feels. It feels “dry” but it isn’t rough like sandpaper or anything. If you like DSA, you’ll probably like DSS.

Also, I think he misspoke when he said each row has a negative slope. The top two rows are flat.

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