New Kailh Choc V2 Switches

So Basically lo pro with possible compatibility with more mx keycaps :thinking:

I’m thinking the bottom of our keycaps would hit the keycap housings, but we shall have to see…

A full 3.2mm of travel ain’t too shabby though


Looked to me that the main drawback of previous choc switches was their lack of standard keycaps compatibility, this is a welcome modification!
Now we have to see if we can use our good old Cherry MX like stabilizers …

As a note, this comes in direct competition with Cherry’s MX LP switches:

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I’m beginning to wonder if MX-style lo-pro switches are gonna be the next big market rivalry. It’ll be interesting to see how the market evolves (if it does)

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Now these are what I can get behind.

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So the pin layout is compatible with Cherry MX or with or with the original Kailh Choc which IIRC had a different pin layout?

Looks like it has the same pin layout of the Kailh Choc which is slightly different from the standard mx layout (I think). I do know some split/ortho PCBs have can accommodate both Kailh Choc and MX switches, so it’s certainly not that different, but still slightly.


but whats the point? It won’t feel or sound as good, obviously, and it’ll barely be any taller with normal keycaps, plus you need a specific pcb and plate. Even if they’re like G20 profile the stem adds so much height.

Maybe with a decent and somewhat thin cap like G20 or XDA it could feel a little better though? It could still be make lower profile with case etc. I have a exactly one board with choc switches and I very very very much dislike it and am going to get rid it, it feels like awful to type on.

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You know what, I take it back. Maybe someone, somewhere is required to use a keyboard with specific dimensions for work, and if it’d be too tall then their employer wouldn’t let them use it. In that case, this could save the millimeters that’d be needed. Otherwise this is stupid as hell I gotta say.

I want them to go the other way. Make a fullsize switch with the twoprong keycap mount and built in stabilizer holder. Sure MX mount is best for keycap compatibility, but there is so many improvements like reverse dyesub that make producing keycaps sets a lot easier for the community.

I really prefer the two prong style because it makes changing keycaps a tool-less activity. I also feel like it helps disperse upstroke sounds more due to being connected by two points. Also the built in housing stabilizers are amazing.

I have a Corsair mk2 low profile and it uses the cherry Mx version of these switches. They are top mounted. I am building my new keyboard now and wanted to see my pudding keycaps so I put a few on the Corsair keyboard. The keycaps hit the housing before the switches bottom out. Keycaps are going to be very difficult to find.

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