New to Keebtalk

Heyo! New to keebtalk, but have been into keyboards for about a year now, ever since my roomie introduced me.
I dove headfirst into switch modding since the start of 'Rona and I’ve loved it!
I’ve been building customs for friends/family for a while, and thinking about beginning to offer a lube/build service to anyone interested - I just really dig this hobby, it scratches the mechanical engineering itch in me!
Also big into coffee and plants, but that’s not super new

“Keep talk” -> “keebtalk” lol


Greetings and welcome!

What’s one of your favorite keebs and why? Any noteworthy coffees or neato plants in top-of-mind?

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Favorite has to be my first custom which was a Tric 60, I had to hunt it down on the aftermarket but it’s still some of my first memories of building my own custom. Although I recently jumped on the Protozoa Discipline GB and I’m excited for it! Something about the clean DIY look of the discipline just appeals to me.
As for coffee, I order from a lot of different roasters but my go to’s are either Guatemalan or Ethiopian origins!
Finally, I grow succulents (the aloe christmas sleigh is my favorite) and some variants of pothos, as well as herbs in my tiny garden!

What other hobbies do you have?


Verbose reply incoming - I just got some new switches and I’m breaking them in!

I hadn’t heard of the Tric 60 - looks like a super solid little board. Customs like that remind me of the way lots of my neighbors relate to their guns; when they’re not in use, they’re passively accruing character, value, and personal significance for their owners.

I never shot (or had a reason to shoot) my grandfather’s shotgun, but I did admire its craftsmanship and use of durable materials. Treated well, a robust keeb could be a legit heirloom in the same way. And hey, it’s slightly less dangerous, too!

While I’ve modified quite a few commercial boards, populated hot-swaps with my favorite franken-switches of the week, and even built an easy-mode custom for a friend - I still haven’t gone all-in on a proper custom for myself.

Well, until today, anyway. I went to the Protozoa website after seeing your post and realized I like the P.02 way too much to pass it up. I’ve de-soldered and re-soldered a keeb or two, but this kit will definitely be a next-level challenge for me. Looks like it will require… discipline

I swear I don’t have kids, I just like dad jokes.

Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffee are two of my favorites as well. Both were really easy to get at this cool little market / sandwich joint in Knoxville - and here in Nashville there are quite a few Ethiopian restaurants that serve it in the traditional ceremony style. That’s one of the things I’m still looking forward to trying when things can open back up here.

That Christmas Sleigh one looks pretty wild. One of my friends in Asheville loves succulents, and does the occasional watercolor painting of them. Any recommendations for one that’s easy to care for? I love having plants around but I’m also not the best plant dad yet.

As for other hobbies, the big one for me is cycling - at least it was until spinal problems became a significant issue. I’m on a treatment path right now, so fingers crossed, maybe I’ll be back in the saddle again sooner than later. Either way, I’ve got this fun contraption to zoom around on after recovery.

After cycling, and keebs, I love natural light photography. (Yes, that’s a younger me accidentally making the Max Payne face.)

It’s been around two years since I’ve had a proper photo sesh - one of my eyeballs decided to start taking itself apart from the inside (hence my username) and that put a temporary damper in my will to go out and shoot. I’m over that and intend to dive right back in as soon as I’m past the current spinal shenanigans - I’ve still got one good eye and I’m gonna use it.

My favorite thing to photograph is komorebi - the illuminated glow of leaves and flowers as sunlight passes through and scatters within them. I legit can’t get enough of it, so naturally I’m also a big fan of those succulents that can diffuse light or have transparent bits.

I haven’t thought about how much I enjoy all that stuff in a long time and now I’m in a good mood. :slight_smile:


So in your opinion, what’s the secret to a great cup of coffee?


Cream :wink:

@Manofinterests and @mfchill both might be interested to know, if you don’t already, that The Board podcast’s discord has a coffee channel, #the-grind.


Me three! Neat, thanks for sharing.

It all comes down to technique, which just comes with practice, practice, practice. Depending on what brewing method you go for the technique differs, but what I find most important is:

  • Freshly ground beans
  • Using a scale to measure your coffee to water ratio
  • Patience

There are well-accepted ratios (1:17 coffee to water, by weight) but I’ve found that that can fluctuate depending on the type of beans and what kind of flavor you’re aiming for! When I’m tasting coffee I definitely like to drink it black to taste the flavors better, but I’m no snob - I love cream and sugar just as much every now and then!


Well, until today, anyway. I went to the Protozoa website after seeing your post and realized I like the P.02 way too much to pass it up. I’ve de-soldered and re-soldered a keeb or two, but this kit will definitely be a next-level challenge for me. Looks like it will require… discipline

Woah! I’m glad I could introduce you to your first full custom - it’s great to know someone else will be enjoying the P.02 right alongside me! As for a good succulent to start with, I think a Sanseveria (commonly called a Snake Plant, or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue) is a great starter! It’s super hardy, grows really tall and looks aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for something smaller then I’d look into Sempervivums, whose name literally translates to “always living”, they come in a pretty wide range of sizes and colors, and look super geometric when you take care of them.

Thanks for sharing all your hobbies, they all seem so cool and I hope to add on some new ones to my hobby list, those photos look clean. I dropped a follow on your Instagram and I’m looking forward to some new photos soon :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks for the follow and the kind words! Thanks also for the succulent suggestions - I’m sure those will be easy to find here.

MFW I get new coffee advice:


Just noticed this detail! You should check out the Haworthia Retusa, Haworthia Obtusa or Haworthia Cooperi
They’re all relatively easy to care for, and look great with their translucent leaves!


Went for a walk in an arboretum yesterday and snapped this photo after you teaching me about komorebi!


wow I’d love to make a house under that leaf, the growth patterns are mesmerizing, thanks for capturing this beautiful moment!


Yes! That’s lovely.