NK_ Blueberry

Not sure if it is true, but I was told that fish oil was used in the material composition for the “self lubricating nature” of these switches. Probably got trolled, but if this is true, that would explain the smell. Both my Creams and Blueberries reak of this. Opened my bag of Blueberries and told my wife they smell like fruit and to take a big “sniff” lol. She was not pleased. :wink:


HAHAHAHA, your poor wife! I highly doubt the fish oil thing is true, I believe the smell is known thing with POM/Delrin.


yeah im pretty sure it’s just the plastic

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Ha! As I’ve said best thing to do with these is throw a dryer sheet into the bag they come in and let them sit for a week. Takes care of the odor and your keeb comes out smelling fresh when its built.

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I went ahead and lubed with 205g0 and filmed my Blueberries.

Found that the sound and feeling was much more pleasant, by being less scratchy and rattly.

I made a sound test to compare versus stock

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So in swapping my TX60 with lubed blueberries in and out of my rotation, it’s certainly not a bad switch. It’s unique and an attempt to do something differently. I don’t think the execution was perfect, but I also don’t think this switch was a completely wasted effort.

It’s kind of like a 4th territory of tactiles. Not quite like the other 3.
I’d definitely consider resoldering my blueberries in a different board to give them another fair shake.