NK65v2 Aluminum Edition back in stock!

Lol just kidding

I got the email about the restock at 11 this morning, saw the email at noon. Went to the site, decided hey why not and put one in my cart. Went to process the payment… aand well… I’m sure you know what happened. :upside_down_face:


that’s a big oof

Why do I have a feeling this thread will be a constant stream of,

“hey y’all, NK65v# is back in stock!”
“dang, they all all sold out of stock…”

with maybe the very occasional pic of someone being able to buy one :stuck_out_tongue:

But fear not, it looks like Mike has a great reason to keep on ordering NK65s since the community is loving them :smiley:


Indeed! I’m actually really happy for Mike that he’s got such a hot product - and that’s much bigger than the mild disappointment of having to wait a little while to try one myself.

I was saying in another thread that I’m hoping that growth can lead to the sort of equilibrium we see in the bike industry with so many awesome custom builders able to have a healthy existence alongside bigger companies.


phew! Blows.

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Guess what?!? Be there or be square. :star_struck:

NK65 Aluminum Edition - e-white

  • These have just been received! 500 e-white NK65s.
  • We will put these live tomorrow, September 15 at 12pm EDT.
  • These will be priced at $195. Costs more for us to make than normal anodization, which is why its priced higher.
  • https://novelkeys.xyz/products/nk65-v2-aluminum-edition

NK65 Entry Editions (Beige and Purple) are estimated to restock later next week - ultimately depends on shipping. Then in about 2-3 weeks we expect the next restock of 3,000 NK65 Entry Editions. This will be Frost, Smoke, and Blumen (a blue case that glows in the dark).


Not sure whether to go with a Bloomin’ Onion joke here or a Blumen Group Buy joke so I guess I’m just leaving both up for adoption by y’all


dang, e-white looks slick!


I’m happy to see them bringing in more units, and especially with the upcoming large order for entry editions with all the various colors. Bodes well for the community imo.

That’s clever! I seriously thought it was a COVID themed hand soap pun.

Well that went fast. Maybe next time!

They really do have a hot item in the NK65.


I was able to get an e-white - it looks like they sold out in ~45 minutes or so?


less than 20 minutes. i managed to get one. i put an alarm on and clicked through it right after it dropped…xD


I was able to grab an e-white :slight_smile:


Same here and now anxiously waiting for Metaverse 2 next month.

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Keep in mind that the milkshake version will have an unlimited gb

waiting for the smokey entry version! :smiley:

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Is there any other plate and pcb with ISO support that would work in this case?

I picked up an e-white as well. I had given up on the NK65 and bought a KBD67mkii. It will be interesting to compare the two. I plan on having a desk keyboard and a LAN party board. I may sell one and go “higher end” at some point.

I’m also planning on getting the entry purple as well, which i’ll use as an experimental “gaming” board trying out different linear weights, etc.