NK65v2 Aluminum Edition back in stock!

kbd67mkii is actually a better buy! Paying about $50 more for top mount, pcb mount stabs compatibility, case and plate foam…:smiley:

It may be. PCB mounter stabs. Brass plate. However, NK65 is a good board as well and with the case, it could just be a natural fit for my LAN Party keyboard.

… and I could always sell it.

I had my alarm set too. I snagged one immediately. Having dealt with these kind of drops with record releases, im damn ready to button mash my way through a check out, nearly having a heart attack as I do so.


yeah no doubt it is a good board!! :slight_smile:

Mine shipped! I had to triple take because I can’t remember the last time a keyboard shipped within a week from order…OK OK OK I kid. HHKB Hybrid.

Big thanks to Mike and team for satisfying the insane demand.


Shipped as well. It’s a good feeling.

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Does anyone know if the NK65 typing feel is similar to a top mount? :slight_smile: