It looks like @mtdjr isn’t on here yet, but he made an awesome set of 3D-printable cases for Minidox layouts with an extra column on the outside edge of each half. (Normal Minidox is 5x3, and this one is 6x3, which is juuust about ideal for me, I think.)

Have you seen the HeilDox, aka the crkbd?

Sadly, it looks like it’s too late for you.

I had NOT seen this until yesterday, when @profgriswald mentioned it in his self-intro thread…

After seeing it, and seeing how recent the groupbuy dates were, I took it upon myself to PM u/network_operations on Discord and ask if there was any chance I could still get in on the GB. He was kind enough to send me an invoice last night, and now I have 3 HeliDox/CRKBD kits on the way :smiley:


And yeah, they look really nice.

I mean, I have a couple of irises, and orthodoxi, but the crkbd looks amazing. Looking forward to mine arriving.

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I can’t handle a full ortho, but I love the Iris. I just think I could do without the very top row of keys on the Iris (since I’ve been using a layout with the top row disabled for a while now). So I’ve been trying to find “Iris without the top row” for a few months, and now the options are popping up all over :smiley:

My only complaint about these kits is the Pro Micro. I’m super impatient for the QMK Proton C or the Goldfish to become available for purchase.

Well, socket the board. :slight_smile:
That way, when either comes out, you’ll be set!

But I totally understand the full ortho thing.

It’s not a bad plan, but I’m worried that socketing the Pro Micro will exacerbate the ridiculous fragility of the microUSB jack.

I have several boards that are socketed. They’re fine. And even if they break off, it’s dead simple to replace it.

But I’ve been using the socketed boards for more than a month now, and no issues.

Fair enough! I guess I should more seriously consider using sockets for Pro Micros. Good thing I have a few coming with the HeliDox!

Nice man! Glad you managed to get in on it.

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Yes, definitely!

As somebody that has had to saw off a Pro Micro before … It’s absolutely worth socketing them! And if clearance is an issue, there are Low Profile sockets that work quite well.