NovaTouch USB-C daughterboard

NovaTouch USB-C daughterboard GitHub - davek184/CoolerMasterUsbC: USB-C Daughterboard for Cooler Master Novatouch

Thanks to @insolentpotato for requesting this and confirming working properly!

• Norbatouch confirmed with nuts used as standoffs shown below
• I do NOT have any extras nor am I planning on making more. Open Sourced feel free to have some made or reach out to @insolentpotato .

(@pixelpusher Might be able to use for other Cooler Master usb micro boards if you change the cable pinout)


hmm… do I NEED 3 of these? Yep.


Yes, I bet so. I remember accidentally using the novatouch board on my masterkeys pro once and it didnt work. So probably just different pin arrangement

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I still have two available as of the time being :smile_cat: though at the moment, Dave and I have only been able to mount and type in stock NT case.

USB-C Daughterboards for Norbaforce and Novatouch - please reach out if you are interested.

My immense gratitude to @Dave for the opportunity to learn and grow in this hobby. :pray:


Ended up ordering 5 from JLC with some guidance from @insolentpotato

First PCB order. :crossed_fingers:


I’ve had a good experience with them. It’s fun watching the progress wheel move (and usually very quickly!). I’m sure they’ll turn out well!


Well crap. I woke up to this message:

Hi Sir or madam,

Well got your order with many thanks.

Sorry to bother you, but there are 2 questions that we want to confirm with you about your SMT order before proceeding.

1.We need fixture to solder J1, there will be extra cost $46 for this kind solderint. Is that acceptable?

2.To solder J1, we cannot add edge rails on the side with J1. So can we add edge rail on the board like picture 2 shown?

Your early reply will be highly appreciated, thank you so much!

Did I do something wrong?

@insolentpotato @dave, thoughts? Did you run into this?

Hmmm. I hope these fit in a Norbatouch. That would be handy dandy

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I will certainly let you know. I should have at least one extra when all is said and done. Also… long time no see!

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Working offline with @pixelpusher & @insolentpotato.
the design itself is good but JLCPCB wants to add some rails and a part on the back which I wilp add to the repo so they are easier to order.

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I have also mailed out all my stock units for now. Will await repo refresh before reordering! Thank you to all who have supported and please let us know regarding Norbatouch fit and operation.

They fit in the norbatouch! However, you’ll have to add spacers to the daughtboard. I used two m3 nuts on each screw and also used 6mm screws instead of 5mm for the m3 screws. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten the norbatouch so I’m not sure what screws come with the housing.

Thanks @Dave and @insolentpotato for reviving my norbatouch!


hey, the added nuts/spacers is about 2-3mm in z-height right?

the stock micro db has this plastic “standoff” for the lack of a better word and my caliper has it coming in at 2.9mm. so i’m guessing the nut/washer @Goguma added is performing the same function now in the norbatouch. do you know if you used the philips screws that came from the Coolermaster board or did you also use hex? M3 like goguma’s photo?


So anyone order any extras wanna sell me one? :smiley:

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Revision 1.3 is up.
Differences from version 1.2 are just for manufacturing (added rails and a dummy component on the back).

Interesting PCB fixture is needed for assembly due to mid mount USB port. This makes it slightly more expensive than normal PCBs.

Thank you @Goguma for confirming NorbaTouch compatibility!


I just bought 1 from @insolentpotato . Think there’s still a few extra remaining


Thanks to @pixelpusher we were able to confirm the CMDB (Coolermaster Daughterboard)'s compatibility with the Masterkeys Pro S and Rapid-i TKLs. It requires swapping of the JST wires to the configurations outlined in Dave’s updated repository linked here:

Please feel free to contact me should you be interested. I have stock of the CMDB as well as R1/R2 Realforce NFDBs which are described in the Notion link below:

Thank you for your support and interest!


Just received and installed the usb-c daughterboard from @insolentpotato

I so glad that my trusty Novatouch is now upgraded to usb-c era :v:


what a beautiful astrophysical (?) norbatouch! it is a treat to see one. i am glad it arrived safely!