Opinions on Keycult board

Happy new year keeb talk!

I wanted to start the new year by treating myself to getting a nice new board. Was looking to scoop myself a keycult but I don’t seem to see any posts or resources on the actual opinions on them as of recently!

If anyone has any input they can provide it’ll be greatly appreciated it!

I’m looking particularly at the Keycult 2/65 models

For reference, I have a 1/60 as well as a couple other boards in the same (MSRP) price range. I wrote up a longish post a while ago directly comparing my keycult to my J-02 here: Comparing the Keycult 1/60 and J-02

Overall, I would say that keycult makes the best products out there for non-enthusiasts. They’re still great boards for enthusiasts but they lean towards “everything is perfect out of the box”; sort of a no-tinkering product besides choosing your switches and assembling it.

Overall, if you can get one at MSRP then I would absolutely recommend it. The aftermarket price is inflated to the level of “my time is worth more than a few thousand dollars, I want the best thing without having to do several hours of research”. You can absolutely find boards with comparable quality for a lot less on the aftermarket, but you really do have to get into the weeds of reading/watching reviews, finding what’s right for you, and (in some cases) waiting for someone to put what you want up for sale.


Wow that was well put! Thanks for your input! That put a lot into perspective for me! Appreciate it! :’)